mountain conditions

20/07/2010 23:50 #653 da Vareno Boreatti
aig du diable the 19 July. To overcome the terminal we had to climb the rigola fully left and then cross to the right. There is little snow so you have to go up for the sharp stones to the ridge trying not to drop stones. It wanders the Corne and there goes the breach. The crack in the shade III is, but a good third! Downhill from Chaubert first catch: to avoid trouble we doubles court, but not enough, the recall rope gets stuck and have to go back and cut the 12 40 meters of rope. The beautiful Mediane reserve the usual trouble us in the hole passage with more, this time, the fact that pushing the bag out to me the bottle of water almost full, and falls into a slot just out of reach. Gingerly I go on the double uncomfortable and takes more than 28 meters that measure now the second rope. On Carmen, and I do not remember, the second exciting shooting, he does it on thick blades 4 fingers detached from the wall. The collar are now the three, we are no acquae we decide to stay the course. I get choked up, because the day is space but "mountaineer who returns is good for another time. The ascent to the Mont Blanc du Tacul, for the lack of snow, it is dangerous when to avoid the ridge you have to travel by land channels and stones . High in the evening and the 6 10.15 to Turin in time to give us a rich beer and lemonade.

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