Punta Dufour

12/07/2009 21:50 #487 da Mark Tatto
Friday July 10 I (on skis) and Fulvio Zuanni (walk) we climbed the Dufourspitze. Glaciers in good condition (only two crossings of crevasses, no problems). Getting on and off for the west ridge, still well covered by snow, the ice begins to emerge only in the main stack alleging the summit. The track, however, is excellent. Also plotted Nordend, also in good condition. Descent with skis on their feet until the MonteRosahutte! The most difficult part of the tour? The ski slopes at the shoulders to Rotenboden ... but it was worth it. Greetings.


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13/07/2009 11:46 #488 da Franz Rota Nodari
APEROL! Marcolino ... not mushy them right !!!

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