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The socio Raffaele Morandini sends us this report about his recent ascent to Gross-Fiescherhorn and all'Hinter-Fiescherhorn, which we publish below. FM

Tuesday September 01 2009, starting from Mönchsjoch Hut I climbed Gross for Cresta North-West, from the summit of Gross I crossed all'Hinter. The return by the same route. Of the North-West Cresta conditions are excellent (only a few patches of ice, snow for the rest). The rocks between the two Fiescherhorn are clean. I do not know the conditions of the normal route, because I preferred to return to the North-West, going back a second time Gross (... for a collector is always better in a more than less). However, I must say that looking under, the saddle between the two peaks, the bergschrund on normal it seemed very open.

For those who had never walked the ridge North-West, I can say it is very fun and varied, with steep sections (50 °), Mixed (III) and snowy ridges with cornices. And 'the most logical route starting from Mönchsjoch Hut.

While I was in all'Hinter-Fiescherhorn summit I observed well the itinerary proposed by President Luciano Ratto, that is, to continue to the Gross-Grünhorn. In fact it would be an equally logical and aesthetic continuation. I think physically and technically is affordable, but honestly I would see as a social outing. Rather, I believe that to make a "smoother ride", would, after the peak of Gross-Grünhorn, get off at Konkordiahütte, then from there in Fiesch, or for those who had the car in Grindelwald, go back to the Jungfraujoch (but this' ultimate solution would be better feasible if the glacier was in good condition).
With regard to the times, the hoped 10 hours, are perhaps a little 'pull, but not so impossible, that I saw it I used 6h: 15' to make round trip (for the same route) from the two Fiescherhorn Mönchsjoch Hut.

Finally, on a positive note, it is that in this period, there is no one (or almost all) of these two "secluded" peaks.

Raffaele Morandini

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