It is not a 4000 but has its charms, Argentera C.Sigismondi

08/10/2009 15:31 #572 da Raffaele Morandini
begin to descend in altitude ...

From what I read, the Argentera is usually a very busy mountain, but yesterday was frequented only by chamois and ibex.

It 's my first time in the Maritime Alps ... a more than positive start, because these places have fascinated me with their rugged appearance.

I walked in one day Sigismondi the crest, which among other things allows to pass on the other two peaks (Purtscheller 3040 and 3191 Top Genoa). It starts from Freshfield collar, the rock is beautiful and the air ridge. In the north there stretches a bit 'of snow, but it goes well. Yesterday, along the ridge, there was a strong wind (more calm on the top). Descent from the normal route, where a bit 'of snow treads just before the Pass of the debris.

The woods below begin to take on the wonderful colors of the season.

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