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A new mourning Club 4000

We received the news that the 23 December last year missed our member Bruno Coggiola, still in July, before entering the hospital, had gone up last 4000. Coggiola had been one of the first members as far back and had to his credit 1993 61 "4000" a 5000 and 6000 in the Himalayas and M. Ararat in Turkey. With him disappears one of the most representative members of the spirit of the Club 4000.

His wife and all the most family condolences heard all Club members.

(FM - May 2 2017)

50 years of the expedition "Afghan '67"

Afghan 67 PlaybillFifty years ago, it was organized under the aegis of Turin SUCAI an expedition to Hindu-Kush (Afghanistan), during which climbs 11 were inviolate peaks, including the Koh-i-Sharan 6100 m. reached by the consortium of Luciano Ratto, Founder of the Club 4000, and Andrea Bonomi, Member of the Club since 2001.
In the company's anniversary, Carlo Crovella has recovered (with the collaboration of the person concerned) the original diary of Luciano Ratto and numerous photographs taken during the expedition, collecting the material in one of his "Mountain Notebooks" series that the same Crovella makes available free of charge.
The Notebook n. 4 "Afghan '67" is interesting not only for the strictly alpine, but also to illustrate the conditions of that time in Afghanistan, a country virtually inaccessible to the early' 80, helping also to understand some of the events that have touched that distant region recent years.
A presentation of "Afghan '67" you can read on "Mountains and Valleys" site; The publication is sent free of charge in pdf format to anyone who requests it, following the instructions on playbill attached.
(FM - April 2017)

Meeting in proportion to Capanna Margherita - 24 / 06 / 2017

Capt. MargaretIt is not a real social outing that the Club offers 4000 24 for Saturday June to Capanna Regina Margherita on Signalkuppe: it is rather an opportunity to meet for a day at high altitude between old and new friends.

Since our members are all high mountain experts, the reservation and the organization of the excursion is left to the individual member by its own means, eoeach and every one can choose to go on foot or on skis. IS however appropriate that those wishing to participate him via e-mail to the signals Club secretary. The meeting directly to Postcodeanna Margherita on Saturday afternoon, so eat dinner together. The next day you can make some nice climb in the area, as long as weather conditions allow.

See you then to the Capanna Margherita!

(FM - April 2017)

Lodovico Marchisio "worthy person"

MarchisioLast 2 March, the Association of "Authors of Savoy Associates and of the Alps" (AASAA) He awarded to our member Lodovico Marchisio the title of "Person deserving ", in recognition of his loyalty to the association, its attachment to human values, the mountain and its vast literary output.

While we congratulate the friend Lodovico for the recognition received, we invite members to inspect his intense literary and mountaineering activities on its page personal informations.

(FM - March 2017)

Evening on 4000 Marino Chemello

Chemello 03 2017

Thursday, April 6 2017 in Pedavena (BL) at the "Birreria Pedavena", at the shareholder 20.30 Marino Chemello He will present his "collection" of 82 "4000". Free entry. The evening is organized by "Vertical Line - Mountain Equipment".

Click here to see the event poster.

(FM - March 21 2017)