The 23 / 8 good weather I walked the Nadelgrat with Enrico Dagna, Nadino Zoppo and Philip Weighing. The beginning of the path that you do at night is marked with reflectors. Left at 3.30, 6 to 11 to Galenjoch and the summit of Dirruhorn: the shortest I thought, but there are several anticime. 40 minutes to get down the hill (horrifying from the north side, you see the first anchorage secure) and a couple of hours to climb to rocks and snow all'Hohbärghorn (there are people who climb the north face). Another hour to get to the Stecknadelhorn then cross under the Nadelhorn to the NE ridge where we arrived at 15,15. Nadino, who it was not at the tip, salt alone and we expect it. For Dirruhorn 7.30 4.30 hours and the peak hours; Then there is the descent: it took other 4 hours to go down to the shelter. At the shelter it is great, and the manager, Pius Schnidrig, who devised the reflectors signals also exported all'Aletchhorn, gives reliable information about conditions on the mountain by phone! With these three peaks are reached 66, go over is getting tougher!


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