Gran Paradiso north face

04/06/2013 08:22 #1251 da Luke Calzone
I liked it, very interesting, congratulations :)
Unfortunately we are not to run away due to too late, given the distance.
For birrino will be for the prox :)
I have yet to download the photos made. As soon as I send you the.

Luke Calzone

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06/06/2013 13:19 - 06/06/2013 13:21 #1252 da Franz Rota Nodari
Gran Paradiso, north wall: Gully ADAMI, 500m / AD + / 50 °

Sunday afternoon Photo by Valerio Leoni

I had already been on North well 6 years ago with Boletti, Dome and Lorenz, but the approach and descent on skis I missed and above the gully Adami as a nice alternative. We take the opportunity of these excellent conditions for going back with Ale and Livio (the adami ;-)) And Mara and Anna (our Eve ;-)). Unfortunately for Livio indisposition it takes us only to the shelter.

We come to Chabod Saturday night only to the 21 for citizens commitments. Right from the 2200 share huts begins the snow and the excellent track. As mentioned several times in this order to abnormal spring are superlative conditions for skialp.
A few hours of sleep and the way to our goal of supporting snow and old tracks sometimes difficult to recognize. When we are under the wall behind us comes a crowd of people. Thirty. Today we "beat the record" (as determined by rifugisti) to go up the North. But we aim to right the gully (having already 3 of us walked the classic), and on this we will be alone. However, the direct route (Vanis) has the final stretch in vivo ice, so all deviate to the left hill (var.Bertolone). After the crevasse not without some difficulty seeing the inconsistency of the snow and the holes that open under our feet, we start on excellent snow upwards. Mara leads Ale, I Anna. Just before the hill, we use screws 5 preserved as tips and becche touch the ice below. All this makes the funniest output. Less fun is the continuation on the connecting ridge leading to the watershed. The Mara tracks are inconsistent and sink painfully. Only the last stretch is on Couic-Couic ghiaccetto snow and fun. 2 groups descend on skis towards the canal: that hair ... especially for the hard snow of the first section! Cresta air above the sky and we are the first two goals of the Madonnina. The windless day space allows you to fully enjoy this view. Although it is already the fourth time here, the emotion is always great. Now we opt for the descent to the Vittorio Emanuele view of the increased attendance. It will prove good choice given the "corridors" of smoothed snow from among crust fields passages (infamous) up to 3400. Under this quota rather billiards smoothed slopes with snow marciotta holds perfectly even under the shelter. Only the last meters are 100 sfondosi. By 2200 assemble skis on their shoulders and so fast towards Pont where we expect Livio (coming down the valley of Grand Etret you could get almost to the valley on skis, but we had doubts about the heat of the sunny slopes).
Definitely a great comeback with new members and new emotions.

The full report at:

Here only a few pictures ...

Towards Adami

Thirty people there ... two here

Just us here



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