"Quintino Sella" project - other news

We insert the following is a brief excerpt of the book of the refuge hut "Quintino Sella" that shows some of the "signatures" most prestigious that were on it. Among them, you recognize the signatures of then-President of the CAI Torino Gonella, who had carried out the supervision of the construction of the shelter, Corradino, Vittorio, Gaudenzio and Alfonso Sella with their guides (including Jean-Joseph Maquignaz) and carriers in a climb made in February 1887, the then priest Achille Ratti (later Pope Pius XI).
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Below you can see a presentation of the project to restore the Quintino Sella Hut built by the engineers.
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For wider dissemination of the restructuring of the project Capanna Quintino Sella to Rochers of Mont Blanc, was created a leaflet which we report in electronic form on our website (you can find it here).

We invite our members and not to distribute this electronic copy to those who may be interested in the initiative.

Those who wish to receive printed copies must address, as always, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

[PB 16.07.2015]

In this article we will keep you updated on the subscription to finance the restoration of the Capanna Quintino Sella to Rochers.

At the present date have been received 71 contributions for a total of € 104.298,64, of which € 98.268,64 from institutions or private entities, individuals and from € 5.010,00,00 1.020,00 € from friends and colleagues in memory of Manuela Motta.

[FM 01-10-2017]