Crossing the Täschhorn

The 16 July with my friend Fabio Facetti and the guide Marco Moreschini, we made the crossing from Mischabeljoch bivouac at Domhütte refuge; parties to the morning 4, 7.55 were at the top of the Täschhorn 4491 m, then after 8 hours up and down on gendarmes, sharp ridges, passes and 3 4 ° °, with frames and fresh snow (brought by the storm that throughout the 15 we had stuck to the bivouac), finally exhausted sbucavamo on top of the Sun to 4545 16 m. The struggle was not over, however, because it still was waiting for us a descent of up to 1600 m Domhütte shelter, which we reached exhausted after even burned the last drops of water to the 20,10 - around 16 hours (!). Of course age is not the most fresh, I 55 49 Fabio, but the satisfaction of having completed the first of 2005 summer crossing was a lot, we had read that from Tasch to Sun it would take 4-5 hours, in our opinion, even under the best conditions, given the severe and delicate environment have to put into account at least least 6h - 6h and half that in all cases bring the total route to a commitment of at least 13-14 hours. I thank the leadership Marco Moreschini who accompanied us with the necessary caution and attention in an adventure that will forever remain in our hearts.

Unfortunately some shots taken with the camera did not give good results so I would ask if anyone has any video or photographs of the ridge (made in summer), especially of the Dom climb that I would like to put in your movie on this adventure.

I know that this crossing is not very popular but who knows, maybe someone in the past Club4000 had the bright idea of ​​it .....

Thank you

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