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Evening on 4000 in Pianezza

Pianezza 2014 eveningThe next May at 22 21, CAI Pianezza organizes an evening on 4000 of the Alps, with particular reference to the "Club 4000". Speakers Luciano Ratto, Founder of the Club 4000, Gianni Ballor CAI Pianezza and Club 4000 partner, Vareno Boreatti, Member of the Club 4000 and 82 4000 climber of all the Alps, and Mark Tatto, Advisor to the Club 4000. The evening will take place at the Congress Hall Villa Lascaris, Via Lascaris 4, Pianezza.

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Meeting with Luciano Ratto in Pinerolo

rat posterThe next 10 April to Pinerolo, at 21, at the "Pacem in Terris" room (Via del Pino 49) will hold a meeting with Luciano Ratto, founder of the Club 4000, on the theme "Luciano Ratto tells the Club 4000". Attended by the Bishop of Pinerolo, Mons. Debernardi, CAI Pinerolo, Lodovico Marchisio and Patrick Righero.
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(FM - April 3 2014)

The "82x365" project closed 81

82x365 logo medium -Eventually, technology, projects, ambitions and the human will has prevailed her, the mountain; Luckily!

And so, members of the Club 4000, the group belonging to the Turin section of the CAI bringing together mountaineers climbed peaks higher than at least 30 4000 m on were almost pleased UIAA, the official list 82 that he had to surrender to the prohibitive conditions this year characterized the Aiguille du Jardin (4035 m), in the Mont Blanc group.

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Mourning in Club4000

E 'with deep regret that we record some sad news: the March 9 last passed away, due to an accident in the mountains in the mountains of Wales, Mike Pinney, A British member of the Club 4000, and well-known person in the environment British mountaineering.
His family and friends have set up website to collect photographs and memories of Mike. We invite our members who have known Mike to participate.

The Club 4000 clings to his family and friends at this very sad time.

PB - March 15 2014

Evening of Rota Nodari in Malnate

Poster ROTANODARI MalnateNext Tuesday March 11 our partner Franz Rota Nodari held at the Aula Magna of the secondary schools of Malnate, at 21, a presentation on the theme: "Sometimes 82 4000 - 10 years of high altitude emotions."

The presentation will illustrate the most interesting aspects of the 82 ascents, sometimes carried out through little-beaten itineraries, and is supported by a rich photographic repertoire. Franz will introduce the 82 mountains of 4000 meters, with a series of groupings for years, mountain groups, approaches, themes through photos and music. free offer input.

For information: Enrico 3402739869, 3471061297 Lorenzo; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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FM - March 6 2014