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Meraviglie e Sorprese.jpgLuciano Ratto, fondatore insieme a Franco Bianco del nostro club, in occasionde della chiusura dei festeggiamenti per il 25° annivesario ha omaggiato i soci dello scritto MONTE BIANCO: MERAVIGLIE E SORPRESE.

E' possibile scaricarlo da this link.

(P.B. 13 dicembre 2018)

The 2019 Calendar is available

Calendar 2019

The calendar for the year 2019, with the traditional approach based on the photographs of the members..

Members can purchase the calendar on occasion of the November 24 Assembly in Bergamo at the price of 12,00 € (15,00 € for non-members), withdrawing it at the Secretary of CAI Torino, Via Barbaroux 1, or on request from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Add shipping costs: 10 € up to 3 calendars, 15 From € 4 10 to calendars; abroad 15 € for a copy). Paymen by postal cc No. 13439104 payable to the CAI, specifying the reason for the Turin Section, or by Bank transfer (Recommended method) to "CAI Torino Club 4000", specifying the reason (IBAN: IT91B0200801137000103565012; SWIFT BIC: UNCRITM1AD7; Bank: UniCredit Bank Ag. 37 Torino).

(PB - October 2018)

Everyone in Bergamo for the annual assembly (remembering Franz Rota Nodari)

This year the appointment with the assembly of the members moves from the usual Turin location of the Museo Nazionale della Montagna. In fact, the section will be hosted in Lombardy CAI of Bergamo, at its headquarters at Palamonti.
The meeting includes two moments: one reserved for members and linked to the annual assembly, which this year also includes the elections for the renewal of the board of directors (applications are welcome); the other open to the public, to pay homage to the memory of Franz Rota Nodari, the leading member and animator of the association, who had already completed the climbs of all the 82 four thousand of the Alps, dropped the 24 March on the Orobie.
During the evening, the 2019 calendar will be distributed, made with the most beautiful photos sent by the members.
FRANZ 4000 CAI BG.def. rev.3
(part reserved for Club4000 members)
from 16: 00 reception
17.00-18.45 hours: annual Club4000 meeting
18.45-19.00 hours: Coffee break
(part open to the public)
19.00-20.30 hours: meeting dedicated to Franz Rota Nodari
from 20.30: convivial dinner at the Palamonti restaurant (cost 25 euro, reservation required).
For information, memberships and reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(PBLG 10 October 2018)

Assembly and renewal of the board of directors, the president writes to the members

Dear members,
this year, on the occasion of the annual assembly scheduled in Bergamo on Saturday 24 November, the elections for the renewal of the Governing Council, whose offices reach their natural expiry after three years, as per our Statute. The majority of the members of the Board, having already made two terms, can not be re-elected, unless there are enough candidates to fill all seven offices (and outgoing candidates are willing to come back).
In the spirit of collaboration and friendship that has always distinguished our Club, I invite you first to participate in the assembly, encouraging the candidacy of those who, with a constructive spirit and in the usual collegial and voluntary approach that distinguishes our association, think of to offer a useful contribution to the growth of the Club and its diffusion.
Conscious of requesting a continuity of commitment anyway (the meetings, prehistoric, at the meeting center of the National Museum of the Mountain, make transfers for those who live far from Turin), I am convinced that it is useful contribution of fresh and dynamic energy for give continuity to the Club, after its first 25 years of activity, that we are celebrating right now.
Waiting to meet you in Bergamo, I offer my best regards, wishing you good mountain!
Luca Calzone - president
(LC - 10 October 2018)

All 82 "4000" for Manel BORRELL

With the ascents to Punta Margherita, Punta Elena, Punta Croz and Punta Whymper, carried out last 10 September, our partner Manel Borrell has completed the "collection" of all the 4000 of the Alps. It is the first Catalan partner to reach this extraordinary goal.

We express our heartfelt congratulations to Manel for this first-rate enterprise and wish him many more ascents to our beautiful mountains.

(PB - 30 September 2018)