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Evening of Rota Nodari in Malnate

Poster ROTANODARI MalnateNext Tuesday March 11 our partner Franz Rota Nodari held at the Aula Magna of the secondary schools of Malnate, at 21, a presentation on the theme: "Sometimes 82 4000 - 10 years of high altitude emotions."

The presentation will outline the most interesting aspects of 82 climbs, sometimes made through little beaten trails, and is supported by a rich photographic collection. Franz will know the mountains of 82 4000 meters, with a number of groups for years, mountain ranges, approaches, themes through photos and music. free offer input.

For information: Enrico 3402739869, 3471061297 Lorenzo; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click that to see the event poster.


FM - March 6 2014

Evening of Rota Nodari in Inveruno

Poster 21 / 02 / 14Next Friday February 21, at 21, our partner Franz Rota Nodari will give a presentation on the theme: "Sometimes 82 4000 - 10 years of high altitude emotions." The evening, organized by the CAI will take place, Inveruno Section at the Public Library of Inveruno, Virga room. Click that to see the event poster.


(FM - February 17 2014)

Palme d'Or at the Technical Merit Raffaele Morandini

R. Morandini with Minister G. Delrio - Palma dOro CONITo our member Raffaele Morandini He was awarded the Golden Palm at the Technical Merit, Which is the highest honor awarded to an Italian sports technician, recognizing the important merits from his own past in different sports and activities from its popularizer of sport values.
The award ceremony was held in Rome last December 19 by the President of CONI, Giovanni MalagoThe presence of the Minister with responsibility for Sport Graziano Delrio.

Morandini friend, whose sports ranging from athletics to mountaineering and participating with passion to the life of the Club 4000, go our warmest congratulations.

(FM - December 20 2013)

Mourning in Club4000

E 'with deep sorrow that we communicate a new departure of a partner Club 4000: 30 him last November has left us, due to an incurable disease, Parodi Valter, Member since 2006 and active participant in the life of Club4000.

The Club4000 tightens around his wife and children at this sad time reminding dear friend.

(PB - December 1 2013)