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It is not a 4000, but ...

Although he lacks 160 m to reach the fateful share of 4000 m 'trademark is not only a mountain that stands unique on the Piedmont plain, but with the rise of Quintino Sella and fellow of the 1863, was a milestone for the birth of Italian Alpine Club and for the development of mountaineering in our country.

But not everyone knows that the 16 the following August trod his top two ladies, the Turin Alessandra Boarelli King, wife of the mayor of Verzuolo, and Cecilia Fillia yr old daughter of Casteldelfino notary. To celebrate 150 years of extraordinary this undertaking many initiatives are planned. The first was made by another female roped: 17 last May, two "ladies of 4000", Daniela Formica and Mara Babolin, have climbed Monviso for Coolidge Street on the north side.

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(FM - May 22 2014)

"Collection" completed for Rovedatti

The easiest of Rosa peaks are generally the first ones you go up on who starts practicing aa high altitudes. On the contrary, our member John Rovedatti if it is held for the past and with the ascent of the Ludwigshöhe 17 last May, the Black Horn Piramide Vincent and the next day ended the "collection" of all the 82 4000 of the Alps.

Warmest congratulations and best wishes for many more beautiful climbs in the future!

(FM - May 19 2014)

Send us your photos for the calendar 2015!

2014 CoverThis year the Club 4000 printing the Calendar 2015 using pictures taken by our members. We invite you to send us your best photos (maximum 5), Among which will be choose the 12 which will be published on the calendar.

For technical reasons, the photos will be available by June 30 2014. Since at that time we will still be in the middle of the climbing season, the members can also submit photographs taken over the last 4-5 years, preferably of last season. Photographs must return the subject's name and possibly the shooting date.

As with last year, the images on the calendar are vertical; photographs must therefore have vertical relationship with 4: 5. They require files in jpg format at the maximum resolution (but it would be ideal tif format). If possible, set the resolution of the camera 300 dpi.

To send photos shareholders must follow the following steps:

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Evening on 4000 in Pianezza

Pianezza 2014 eveningThe next May at 22 21, CAI Pianezza organizes an evening on 4000 of the Alps, with particular reference to the "Club 4000". Speakers Luciano Ratto, Founder of the Club 4000, Gianni Ballor CAI Pianezza and Club 4000 partner, Vareno Boreatti, Member of the Club 4000 and 82 4000 climber of all the Alps, and Mark Tatto, Advisor to the Club 4000. The evening will take place at the Congress Hall Villa Lascaris, Via Lascaris 4, Pianezza.

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Meeting with Luciano Ratto in Pinerolo

rat posterThe next 10 April to Pinerolo, at 21, at the "Pacem in Terris" room (Via del Pino 49) will hold a meeting with Luciano Ratto, founder of the Club 4000, on the theme "Luciano Ratto tells the Club 4000". Attended by the Bishop of Pinerolo, Mons. Debernardi, CAI Pinerolo, Lodovico Marchisio and Patrick Righero.
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(FM - April 3 2014)