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Adventure Climbing

Trip to Wales to the roots of the true British Trad. Presentation by Gervasutti School and CAAI.
Turin, Monte dei Cappuccini - 23 May 2012, 21.15 h

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The 4000 in the cellar - Photo exhibition

"The 4000 cellar"- Photo exhibition Luke Calzone in Ghemme (NO) from the 25 6 April to May during the celebration of the Ghemme DOCG wine.

Consult here la playbill event.

(April 26 2012)

Photographic evening in Pieve Ligure (GE)

The 25 May socio Luke Calzone will present photographs of 4000 in Pieve Ligure (GE). Consult here la playbill event.

(April 26 2012)

Send us your photos for the calendar 2013!

Calendario_ 2012This year the Club 4000 printing the Calendar 2013 in collaboration with Vivalda Publishers, using photographs taken by our members. We invite you to send us your best photos (maximum 5), Among which will be choose the 12 which will be published on the calendar.

For technical reasons, the photos will be available by 31 May 2012. Since at that time we will still be in the middle of the climbing season, the members can submit photographs taken over the last 4-5 years. Photographs must return the subject's name and possibly the shooting date.

As with last year, the images on the calendar are vertical; photographs must therefore have vertical relationship with 4: 5. They require files in jpg format at the maximum resolution (but it would be ideal tif format). If possible, set the resolution of the camera 300 dpi.

Read more: Send us your photos for the calendar 2013!

"All 4000"

bookRecall that the first reprint of the book "is still available All 4000 - The thin air of high altitude", a "must" for all lovers of high mountains. Result of various authors, and in particular the founder of the Club 4000, Luciano Ratto, the volume is a treasure trove of historical information, descriptions of climbs, records and curiosities, which can not miss in the library of mountaineer. The book was published in conjunction with Vivalda Publishers and you can find it in bookstores at the price of € 19,50. Members can order it in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the discounted price of € 16,00 + postage.

We also include the possibility of gadgets products with the logo of our Group, available at the head of CAI Torino, Via Barbaroux 1.

For those living outside Turin, the material can be ordered This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying the quantity and size (for T-shirts); Payment by postal cc No. 13439104 payable to the CAI, specifying the reason for the Turin section, by sending the amount by post by check nontransferable, blocked, or by bank transfer to the Italian Alpine Club - Torino, specifying the reason (IBAN: IT67L0200801137000004416644).