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Rota Nodari in Pinerolo on 4000 and climate change

As mentioned in a previous news, Next March 27 Franz Rota Nodari held in Pinerolo (TO) a presentation on "times 82 4000 - 10 years of integrated high-altitude" emotions by some considerations on "Climate change: the 4000 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

For details, see playbill event.

Anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of the speaker can refer to information Franz has made available on this website.

(FM - March 18 2015)

We keep the Capanna Sella Rochers to the Mont Blanc!

Saddle hutLa Capanna Quintino Sella to Rochers It is one of the oldest refuges in the Alps. Built in 1885 in 3370 m along the south west ridge of the Rochers Mont Blanc, on the path from the 1872 1890 it was the Italian normal route, has come down to us substantially in its original form. Poorly attended because of the remote location and the commitment of the routes, the shelter pays for some time in severe degradation conditions which undermine the functionality.

Now, thanks to significant contributions made by Valle d'Aosta, Banca Sella e 4000 Club (Custody of the structure as the CAI group Torino), can start the work of conservative restoration philological approach.

To complete the work CAI Torino counts not only on the contribution of the national CAI refuges and possible sponsors and partners fund, but also on the support of the fans of the mountain.

For this purpose a subscription was opened, to which everyone can contribute through a deposit into DC. 000103565012 payable to CAI Torino - Club 4000, Iban code IT91B0200801137000103565012, Unicredit Bank Ag. 37, specifying as a causal "Contribution Capanna Sella". All donations will be shown in the list of benefactors will be kept at the headquarters of CAI Torino.

Please read here Full text of the appeal to contribute. In the section "Project Quintino Sella"Site (left menu) you can see the details of the operation.

(FM - February 2015)

We also created a Facebook page to also share about this social network information on the project:

Changed the rules for joining the Club 4000

The Shareholders' Meeting of November 22 2014 last approved any changes in articles. 5 and 6 of regulation, On how to join the Club 4000.

In summary, the Club membership is subject to acceptance by the Governing Council and the list of rose 4000 must contain the date and route traveled. The registration fee, then, must be paid only after the confirmation of acceptance.

In special cases you may be asked the name of the climbing companions and possibly a presentation by a member of the Club 4000, a CAAI member or the President of the membership section.

(FM - December 2014)

The Meroni Prize Oliviero Bellinzani

Meroni 1Il Meroni award, Promoted by the Alpine School and Ski touring "Silvio Saglio"CAI-SEM of Milan and the Lombardy Regional of CAI Alpine School with the SEM CRUSM contribution and the University of Milan and the patronage of the Area Councils 1 7 and the City of Milan, is an important recognition that it is given annually to those who have distinguished themselves for having completed initiatives related to the mountain for the culture, environment, mountaineering, solidarity.

This year the award for Mountaineering category was awarded to Bellinzani OlivieroThat in 2013 he was proclaimed an honorary associate unanimous vote of the Club 4000, for great determination and strength of will with which he had been able to overcome their disability. The audience award went to David Vitale (category Solidarity).

During the awards ceremony, which was held last November 28 in Milan, the activities carried out by the winners and exposed the motives of the jury for the selection of the winners were presented. Representing the Club 4000 was present Luke Calzone, which delivered to Bellinzani The Calendar 2015 Club.

We warmly congratulate the friend Oliviero for this well-deserved recognition.

(FM - November 2014)

Next evening with Franz Rota Nodari

ROTANODARI CalendarioSerate2014-2015Francis (Franz) Rota Nodari announces that it has scheduled, in 2014-2015 season, a series of presentation evenings of his mountaineering and glaciological activities, as reported in playbill next to. The theme of the presentation is "sometimes 82 4000 - 10 years of high-flying" supplemented by some observations on "emotions Climate change: the 4000 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

The first evening, organized by the CAI Trescore Valcavallina, will be held on Friday 21 November 2014 at 21 at the Cineteatro Nuovo in Trescore (BG). You can consult the relevant poster by clicking here.

Anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of the speaker can refer to information Franz has made available on this website.

(FM - November 2014)