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The 2018 calendar has arrived!

Preview 2018The 2018 4000 Club's 25th anniversary calendar is currently available. Exceptionally, the calendar has a horizontal structure to adequately present the photographs made by the members in the past years during their ascents. The calendar is then enriched by a further collection of photographs, including Luciano Ratto on the Crest of the Inner First, the first photo to appear on the Club's website.

Members can buy the calendar at the 25 Assembly next November at the 12,00 Euro Price; the calendar is also available at the CAI Turin and the Mountain Library; who resides outside Turin may request it to the Secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). For payment information, see "Publications and gadgets".

(FM - November 2018)

New Evenings of Franz Rota Nodari

FranzROTANODARI CalendarSerate2017 2018Our partner Franz Rota Nodari plans a new series of conferences on the theme "82 Times 4000 - Ten Years of High Altitude Emotions" with the following calendar:

- 9 November 2017 at Vimercate (MB)
- November 18 2017 in Castrovillari (CS)
- November 29 2017 in Almese (TO)
- 27 January 2018 in Macerata
- in spring 2018 in Barlassina (MB)

Click on the chosen date to view the relevant poster.

(FM November 7 2017)

Annual Meeting and 2017 social dinner

Saturday November 25 2017, 18,30 hours

the usual annual assembly of the Club 4000 will be held in Turin, at the CAI Encounter Center at Monte dei Cappuccini, Ascension at CAI Torino 12 (already Via Giardino), beginning at 18.30.

During the meeting vthis was the state of the restoration work of Cap Sella ai Rochers, with the images of the newly installed webcam. Salso show the photographs sent by the members to realize the traditional 2018 Calendar, which reports the 25 Club logo and will be available for purchase at a strongly discounted price. You will also be able to purchase the book "All 4000 - The Slim High-Air" and other Club gadgets, including the new cufflinks.

The "82 x 4000 x 365 x 25" initiative will be presented to celebrate the 25 4000 Club Years, with the new website and a FaceBook specially created for the occasion.

The Assembly will also be an opportunity for contributions from members with comments and suggestions.

Starting at 16 18 and until it will be possible for registered participants, free of charge to visit the National Mountain Museum.

20.30 to follow the traditional


at the Restaurant of the same Meetings Center.
The cost will be Euro 35,00 all inclusive; please make special dietary requirements at the time of booking, which must be made by 18 days in November one of the following addresses:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CAI Torino, Via Barbaroux 1 - 10122 Torino - tel. 011 546031

We hope many of you will come!


(FM 2-11-2017)

Serious mourning in the 4000 Club

Tragic fate that of our partner Alessandra Casiraghi, which in August had completed the uphill of all the 4000 of the Alps, the fourth Italian woman to achieve this prestigious goal.

As reported by the online newspaper "Lecco News"Last September 27, while cycling along the road between Dolzago and Castello Brianza, was overwhelmed by a lorry that entered a roundabout and died on the stroke. Cruel mockery of fate: had overcome all the risks of the high mountain , has lost his life in a road accident.

All members of Club 4000, of whom Alessandra was a part of ten years, join the family mourning for this dramatic loss.

(FM - 28 September 2017)

Roberto Cravotti's photo evening in Pavia

Evening Cravotti 10 2017The next 5 October 2017 is our partner Roberto Cravotti will hold an evening for the CAI of Pavia during which will present the CLUB 4000; the evening will take on a set of pictures and videos of climbing, not limited to the Alps. The event will take place at 21.00 hours at the Broletto Palace in Piazza della Vittoria in Pavia (entrance from Via .Paratici). Take a look at the poster by clicking here.

(FM - 23 September 2017)