Club News

Mourning Club 4000

Unfortunately we have to report that, for an inexorable illness, passed away Gianpiero Barbero, Member of the Club 4000 from 2006.

His wife Franca and to all the family its deepest condolences Club 4000.

(FM - October 6 2012)

Chapeau, Dominique, and welcome!

We welcome a new member who is from Belgium, a country whose highest peak reaches the 700 m. Yet our new affiliate, Dominique De Staercke He did not let a modest curriculum: it has to his credit all 82 4000 of the Alps! we can only congratulate him, and go to know him better through its website

Still "en plein"!

Apparently our member Alberto Cucatto He did not reach a new 4000 2009 from afar; and instead he went stealthily completing the collection, which has completed the 11 last August with the climb to the Aig. Blanche and the Grand Pilier d'Angle to the Peuterey ridge. We just have to write down your new "82 / 82" and congratulate Alberto for this beautiful climb, described in detail on "Gulliver", and for the ambitious goal achieved.

(FM - 07 / 09 / 2012)

Welcome, Luigi, and congratulations!

We welcome Luigi Farnelli, Which enters the club having to his credit all the 82 4000! This fact, already quite unusual, it becomes particularly relevant because our new partner has just turned thirty, ripping Franz Rota Nodari the primacy (just conquered!) The youngest climber who has completed the "collection".

We make our congratulations to Luigi and expect to give us some more information on him and on his climbs.

It would not only broke loose the race for the record: we do not accept members under 6 years ....

(FM - 03 / 09 / 2012)

Another "fine collection"!

The 2012 looks like a good year to end the "collection" of 4000. The ambitious goal was reached last August 28 from our partner Floriano Martinaglia, With the beautiful traverse of the Grandes Jorasses. But our Floriano is not confined to the "collection" of 4000: among his climbs are among others the classic trio of the Eiger North, Walker and Matterhorn.

Congratulations, Floriano, and wishes to continue with the mountaineering activities with climbs of great satisfaction,

(FM - 30 / 08 / 2012)