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Bravissimo, Franz!

Our partner Franz Rota Nodari, Well known by those who follow our website for the numerous trips of relationships that you can find in our Forum, All accompanied by great pictures (which, among other things, have always contributed to the beauty of our calendar), he has informed us that it has completed the collection of "4000" the 20 last August with the triptych Pointe Médiane - Pointe Carmen - L 'Isolée (see report in our Forum).

Add that Franz has completed the collection mainly 10 years, it appears to be the youngest Italian partner to have it completed and the first of the Bergamo Section of the CAI, which is one of the most represented within the Club (including subsections) 16 members.

Congratulations again and always look forward to new relationships and great pictures, perhaps on other lesser known climbing routes of 4000.

(PB - 23 / 08 / 2012)

Congratulations, Jean-Louis!

With the ascent to the Grand Pilier d'Angle our partner Jean-Louis Pitteloud He has completed the "collection" of 4000. We congratulate Jean-Louis for the beautiful company, the more meritorious because, quite unique case, he climbed his first alll'età of 4000 50 years!

(FM - 13 / 08 / 2012)

In full swing

With the arrival of the summer season resumed at full pace the activities of the members of the Club 4000, which from June to date have risen more than 50 4000 new. Recall that in the "Club members 4000 - Statistics on the members - Breaking new peaks ascents by members"You can see all the new ascents made in the last two months. This information can be very helpful to have recent and first-hand information on the conditions of a particular peak.

Remember that you can send an e-mail to the shareholder (if available) by clicking on its name in the general list of members of the Club.

(FM - July 31 2012)

of the history of mountaineering classic

We report a reprint, by Vivalda Publishers, two classics of the history:

"The ascent of the Matterhorn," by Edward Whymper, in the series "Classic";
"The discovery of Mont Blanc", Horace Benedict De Saussure, in the series "The lichens."

Jiminy Cricket with crampons: Mountain Wlderness and mountaineering

Thursday 24 May, 21 hours, Dating Center, Road to CAI Torino 12 - TO

Carlo Alberto Pinelli, Director and documentary filmmaker, president of Mountain Wilderness Italy, and Sergio Cerutti, Director of the School "G. Gervasutti" CAI Torino, they have an ethics mountaineering evening with the screening of a short documentary on the mountaineering school in Mountain Wilderness in Pakistan shot by Sergio Cerutti and the movie "Free K2", first shipment ecological rescue of the great mountains of Asia.
Also we will discuss the courses of "Environment friendly mountaineering"Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, and the competition"Clean Climbing 2012: rediscover the past to see the mountain with new eyes"