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Disappointment for the team of Club 4000 the Trofeo Mezzalama

Disappointment for the team of Club 4000 the Mezzalama Trophy. Out of time for a breath at the first sign (advance closed 2h 27 '), our athletes have still accomplished all the way off the charts, in the form "private." They were not the only ones with a problem: the 360 teams matches if they are classified (provisionally) only 253.

They have arisen many controversy and some criticism has been moved to the organization, both for the high number of technical unpreparedness both teams allowed for some competitors, which resulted in long waiting queues.

Patience, it will be better next time!

(FM 4 May 2011)

Slide the Mezzalama Trophy

The uncertain weather conditions for Saturday 30 April prompted the organization of the Trofeo Mezzalama to put back a day before the competition, which is then held on Sunday 1º May.

There are also innovations in the formation of the 4000 club team: Luke Calzone last moment he had to leave for health problems and his place was taken by Marco Bongiovanni, Instructor Ski-touring at the SUCAI school.

A whole team my best wishes for a complete success!

(FM 29 April 2011)

The Mezzalama Trophy Club 4000 to 2011

Mezzalama_squadra_2011Over 400 teams will start from Cervinia next April 30 to give life to Mezzalama trophy, Historic race of ski touring on the edge of 4000 meters.

Also this year, representing the CAI Torino, will attend a Club 4000 team, composed of Luca Calzone, Massimo and Marco Giuliberti Tatto.

Without having the ambition to finish in the top, the team expects to reduce the time of previous edition, Which had participated Mara Babolin, Massimo and Marco Giuliberti Tatto.

Come on guys, keep up the name of the Club 4000!

(March 22 2011)

In the photo: Marco Feel, Luke Calzone and Massimo Giuliberti

New life for our FORUM

The Club 4000 Forum is active again, in a different guise, but entered as an integral part of the site; even the previous contributions have been migrated into the new structure (see. "The old and the new site").

On the Forum page, there is a "buttonHelp"With all explanations for the correct use of the features available.

Suggest to those who want to contribute to the topics of the Forum first read "Registration procedures"; It can also be helpful to look at"test upload: Barre des Ecrins - 2010", And footnotes.

(FM March 21 2011 - Agg. April 19 2011)

Photographic evening Gianni Ballor in Rivoli

The next 1º April 2011 the shareholder Gianni Ballor will present mountaineering and backcountry skiing in the high mountains pictures entitled "Mont Blanc area. "You can take vision of playbillof the evening, to be held at the headquarters of the CAI in Rivoli (TO), Via Fratelli Bandiera to 1 21.30.