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Mourning Club 4000

E 'with deep emotion that we announce the passing of Piero Rosazza, Born in 1920, dean of the Club, who had to his credit 49 "4000". Piero was a well-known figure in the environment of CAI Torino, where he was President of the Geat subsection for six years.

His wife Celsa and to all the family its deepest condolences Club 4000.

FM (July 8 2011)

"Conditions of the high mountain" in Forum

It was introduced in the new Forum category "high mountain conditions", Where members can enter the mountain conditions found during their climbs, to the benefit of other partners and beyond.

The responsibility for the correctness of the information is of course of its purveyors.

(July 4 2011)


Consult the list of the last climb!

You can now see the list the climbs made by members in the last two months. List is accessed from the main menu "Members of the Club 4000" ---> "Statistics on members" ---> "Breaking climbs peaks."

The data is not provided for information only: it can also be useful to contact those who have made some up and get information on the conditions found.

For this reason we call on all members to enter as soon as possible information on new 4000 facts, with the date (you must "log" with the User Name and Password).

also we renew our invitation to describe their climbs and the conditions found in the "Forum" section. It is not essential that it be a 4000, provided it is always high in the mountains. Only thus can the Club 4000 becomes really "... the reference point and meeting place for the exchange of information, documentation and experiences among practitioners mountaineering at high altitude ...", as stated on the website home page.

(July 1 2011)

Guides of Alagna Body feast

The shareholder Marco Zaninetti indicates that the next 25-26 June will take place in Alagna the annual feast of the Body Guide Alagna, an association established in 1872, one of the oldest in Italy.

In particular, the evening of June 25 there will be a meeting with the new winners of the Piolet d'Or 2011 (Nicolas and Olivier Favresse and Sean Villanueva), which we will present the movie on their last expedition to Greenland (for which he won the coveted prize).

The evening will take place at the Theatre Union Alagnese at 21: 00.

You can see here playbill event.


(June 22 2011)

If you check your email addresses!

Many communications sent to club members are rejected for errors in the email address. We ask all members of comunicare to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.any changes in their e-mail than it appears on 'member list; by hovering over their name, without clicking, The address appears at the bottom left of the form "mailto: indirizzo_e-mail".

Thanks for collaboration.

(September 26 2012)