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Photographic evening Luke Calzone in Ghemme

The day 19 November Luke Calzone will present photographs of mountaineering and ski touring 2009 / 2010 on "From the Rose White- My 47 four". The evening will take place at 21 in Ghemme (NO), Piazza Castello, Palazzo Gallarati, Sala Antonelli. to 21 hours.
You can see here playbill event.

(FM November 11 2010)

Mourning Club 4000

Unfortunately we have to record a sad news: the September 29 last died Edmund Bruggmann, One of the first Swiss Club members 4000. Edmund had completed the climb of all four in the 82 2007, 62 years of age.

To his family our deepest condolences Club 4000.

(FM October 23 2010)

En plein by Daniela Formica!

With the rise to Lauteraarhorn today, Daniela Formica, current President of the Club 4000, 82 4000 has climbed all of the Alps. To our knowledge, Daniela is the first Italian woman to have achieved this enviable record. Before her only two other women were successful in the enterprise, Jocelyne Gay and Margareth Voide Bumann, both Swiss.
The climb, carried out with Massimo Giuliberti, was made in five hours from the bivouac, with perfect conditions and mild weather, in total solitude.

Congratulations to Massimo and Daniela, who in addition to 4000 has made in the past season also other important climbs, already reported on Forum.

(FM - October 10 2010)

Two evenings with Franz Nicolini

The great climber Franco (Franz) Nicolini, a member of Club 4000 and holder of the extraordinary 82x60 record (all in 4000 60 days), Will present its group companies in the course of two evenings, the 9 2010 November in TurinIn the Aula Magna of the Avogadro (Via Rossini, 18, 21 hours) and il 12 November in Varallo Sesia, At the Civic Theatre (21 hours). Free admission; Varallo will be collected in aid of funds non-profit organization "Friends of the Monte Rosa".

During the two evenings Nicolini will show the climbs of some eight thousand without oxygen and movies of linkages, in particular that of the four 82, and will present his latest book, "Free to concatenate", also answering any questions from the audience.

(FM October 19 2010)

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