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Miha Valic enters the Club 4000

Miha Vali ?, the strong Slovenian climber who first chained the ascent of all 82 4000 (v. And Curiosity) He has joined the Club 4000. With the arrival of Miha rising to 12 nations represented within the Club.

(June 5 2007)

A member from the Czech Republic

The 4000 Club is pleased to welcome Petr Fantyš, the first member of the Czech Republic. With his arrival rose to 11 nations represented within the Club.

(February 6 2007)


Saturday November 25 2006 was held at the Congress Center of the Monte dei Cappuccini the first official meeting of the "Group 4000 Club", which over 2006 has joined the Turin Section.
After visiting the Museum of the Mountain and the National Library, the Coat of Arms Hall, Daniela Formica, who, as well as President of the Chamber, is also a member of the club to his credit four of 72 82 UIAA certified, he handed her greeting to the many gathered participants from all over Italy.

Rat Luciano (left.) And Daniela Formica accompany participants in the visit to the National Museum of the Mountain

Paolo Stroppiana, Vice-President and Secretary of the Club, went on to recall the methods of aggregating the Chamber and the Club, while the President of the Club, Luciano Ratto, recalled the achievements of the Club 4000 13 in its first years of operation (the indeed Club was established in novembre1993), it outlined the Group's current situation which currently has members of 172 10 different Nations, and outlined a first program for the immediate future.
Has spoken at length of the need to give more visibility to this group (with logo, badge, card), and to promote knowledge, through the press, in each Alpine region, which is why I took the effort to spread the magazines and newspapers to which I collaborate with this news invitation to join aimed at Alpine guides and climbers from all over Europe who have risen more than 30 Alpine peaks (excluding repeats) included in the list of 82 1993 certificate from the UIAA ..
Those in possession of these requirements is therefore invited to forward

Daniela Formica, President of CAI Torino, is getting ready to cut the cake to the social dinner.

his request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for further information visit the site
E 'was finally reported by the President of the Rat disgraceful Swiss project of artificially raising the Klein Matterhorn (3.883 m), already battered from the cable cars, the share of 4.000 m, with a steel and glass pyramid tower, high well 117 m which should accommodate a hotel with pressurized rooms, a restaurant, and other gadgets born out of a sick mind that exploits the god damn money to work at height that would not increase the number of peaks of 4000 meters, but the entire svilirebbe mountain system in which stand the Matterhorn and the whole of the Monte Rosa Group, unimaginable works with great affront to all true mountain lovers that 4.000 meters intend to get there with the spirit and commitment of serious mountaineering.
The evening concluded with a convivial dinner in the restaurant of the CAI with the presence of prominent alpinism of High Altitude classical exponents.




(Lodovico Marchisio, January 8 2007)

Mourning Club 4000

It is with great sadness that we give the announcement of the death of an associate, the Belgian Bart Naert. Bart, who had his four thousand 70 active, was missing for two days in Val Masino. Apparently he tried solo (as was his wont) the northern edge of Badile. The tragedy occurred on the descent via the Swiss side; although there are no witnesses to the incident, there are not many doubts that this was a purely accidental.

A souvenir photo of Bart Naert is available on Forum.

(Info:, 16.9.2006)

Bad news: she died the mascot of the Club 4000

Inti Raymi, strong bitch Siberian Husky Club 4000 had adopted as its honorary mascot to have gone up three four (see the news "Inti Raymi, honorary mascot Club 4000"), Died on December 12 2005, 16 the beautiful years (his last record.) We regret very much and we decided to continue this tradition, that his place is taken by his son Uli Biaho. Uli has a name very challenging given to him by his Uli_Biahoowner, Silvia Mazzani of Parma is a beautiful granite tower of over 6000 meters located in the basin of the Baltoro; the diminutive Uli, which is the term normally used, it is however very nice (in German Uli comes from Ulrich). Uli was born in 1993 and is a big Siberian Husky, nearly sixty pounds, very strong especially on snow and ice: his nails, used as a kind of crampons, ice bite perfectly. And 'able to carry heavy loads in his bags on his back, and gets along well on the rock.
In curriculum mountaineering Uli there are, at present, two 4000: Breithorn Western Hemisphere (see beautiful photograph attached which is portrayed in the company of his mother Inti Raymi and Silvia) and Stralhorn, and about twenty 3000 ( Hochfeiler, Sasso Nero, Monte Gelé, Punta Marcel Kurz, Pic de Neige Cordier, Grand Galibier, Piz Sesvenna, Punta Lechaud, Pizzo Tambo, Punta Tuckett, Becca of Traversiere, Cima Venezia, Punta Basei, Punta Ramiere, Punta del Lago Gelato etc.), as well as numerous other less high peaks of the Alps and the Apennines.