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Tragic death of Miha Valic

Unfortunately we have to report that last 5 October, during the descent from the summit of Cho Oyu, died the very strong Slovenian alpinist Miha Valic, a member of our Club 4000, 2006-2007 that winter had chained all in 4000 102 days (v . And Curiosity). There are not yet known details of the incident. His companion Tone Perhaj has reached the base camp unscathed. The news of the death of Vali? It has confirmed on his website (In Slovenian).

To the families and friends of condolences Club 4000.


New route on Mont Maudit

Last September 30 Enrico Bonino and Paolo Stroppiana, member of the Club 4000, have opened a new route on the East side of Mont Maudit. The street, which has been christened "Reve Caché", presents difficulties 5 + MR 4c. The complete description of the way, enriched with numerous photos and a movie, is stated on the website at Bonino

Congratulations to both for the great undertaking!

(Communication Bonino, October 3 2008)

Franco Brunello and Mara Babolin stars of "Karka 2007"

In August 2007 shipment of mountaineering Vicenza "Karka 2007" in the northeast of Pakistan, he has made the climb five peaks of unclimbed 5000 and 6000 meters, of significant difficulty in just eleven days.

In this expedition was attended by two members of the Club 4000: Franco Brunello, expedition leader, and Mara Babolin. These two friends are the congratulations of all our Club.

(Source: The Magazine, July-August 2008)

LR (20.8.2008)

En plein female Margareth Voide-Bumann

The 10 last August, with the ascent of the Aig. du Diable, the Swiss Margareth Voide-Bumann He has reached all 82 "4000" the Alps. Most of the climbs were made with his son Gabriel VoideMountain Guide, who with this venture also completed him the "collection" of 4000.

Congratulations to both of you for this wonderful company, especially Margaret, who is the first woman, to our knowledge, reaching this important goal.

E 'with great pleasure that we at Margaret and Gabriel welcome among the members of the Club 4000!

FM (August 12 2008)

He left the dean Club 4000

It is with great sadness that we communicate the disappearance of Arrigo Goat, Born in 1917, dean of the Club 4000. He had to his credit 34 "4000" and skied until the ripe old age of 85 years.

Condolences to the families of the Club 4000

FM (August 4 2008)