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complete collection for Martin Hefti

Martin Hefti tells us that the 9 2010 October climbed the isolée, thus completing the "collection" of all the 82 4000.

Congratulations to Martin, the sixth Swiss to reach this milestone.

(FM - October 10 2010)

Evening Gianni Ballor in Pianezza

Our partner Gianni Ballor will hold a presentation at the Cai of Pianezza (TO) on the theme "Ski-mountaineering 2009-2010 - Mont Blanc area" next 14 October. In the first part of the evening will be projected images taken from the section social outings, in the second half will show "preparatory" for trips down the North of White, and other North and three days in the circus of the Domes de Miage, in the White Group. The third parte.sarà dedicated entirely to climb to the summit of White and the descent of the North.

(Info This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 16 September 2010)

Photo Exhibition 2010 and 2011 Calendar

  1. In the course of the meeting of Social end of the year 2010 will be projected photographs published in the Forum on line the Club 4000 site into phonebook "high mountain situation"In support of their respective relationships.
  2. Of all the pictures published in the Forum, a qualified jury will select a limited number of particularly significant in the high mountains; by this group of photographs will be selected those to be published in Calendar 2011.
  3. The authors of the photos selected for the calendar will be asked to send the files related with the highest resolution, together with the authorization for publication. The 2011 calendar will be printed in co-edition with Vivalda Publishers and will have a distribution throughout the national territory; the photographs will bear the author's name.

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Tragic death of Claudio Cambiaso

16 last August, climbing to Mount Muztagh Ata (7546 m, Western China), as it travels between the second and third field, an illness has struck down Claudio Cambiaso, our partner since 2003, who had to his credit four 48.

Condolences to the families of members of the Club 4000.

(FM - August 27 2010)