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He left the dean Club 4000

It is with great sadness that we communicate the disappearance of Arrigo Goat, Born in 1917, dean of the Club 4000. He had to his credit 34 "4000" and skied until the ripe old age of 85 years.

Condolences to the families of the Club 4000

FM (August 4 2008)

The Club 4000 of "Alp"

The No. 40 of the special series of ALP Great Mountains, from July to August 2008, with the title "Quote 4000", is devoted entirely to 4000 of the Alps.

This number below, to 18 years (August 1990 away), another monograph on 4000 ALP, was also drawn up with the Club 4000 collaboration that is mentioned in 16-21 pages of the script "A giants hunt Alps".

The site presents the specimen presentation of this issue we are pleased that their bait in the year when we celebrate the anniversary of our club 15.


Daniela Formica "prima donna" of the Club 4000

With the ascent of AIG. Blanche de Peuterey and the Gr. Pilier d'Angle accomplished the 24 last July, Daniela Formica, President of CAI Torino and member of the Club from the 4000 2001, 75 has reached "4000", becoming law the "first lady" in front of the Club * Swiss Herta Kantner (73 "4000").

Of this climb you can find a brief description in "Forum".

Congratulations, Daniela! When will the en plein?

FM (July 2008)

* It 's just a joke. The Club 4000 certainly not advocates "competition to see who makes more": it is true that mountaineering is a game, but it is a deadly serious game!

Tragic death of Arnaldo Caroni

20 last June, climbing to the Tower of Ovarda, was killed Arnaldo Caroni, our partner and good friend. Arnaldo, who had to his credit 54 and four others had gone up in the last season (he had promised me to let me have the new short list), was alone and it was probably the victim of a rockfall or landslide yield of snow from the hot springs.
Now his ashes rest in the cemetery in Courmayeur, in the shadow of Mont Blanc.

His wife and daughters condolences of the members of the Club 4000.


Mara Babolin the program "On the slopes of Kilimanjaro"

Sunday January 27 2008 the program "On the slopes of Kilimanjaro", conducted by Licia Colo on RAI3 starting at 14.30, will host the members of the mountaineering expedition last summer has gone up the unclimbed summit of Karka (6.222 m) and five other peaks in the Hindu Raj (Pakistan chain). Among the members of the expedition is the presence of our Mara Babolin, Member of the Club since 4000 2002, 51 4000 with assets.

Congratulations Mara, and tell us something more about your business!

(Interview Alberto Massignan Tarcisio Bello and Franco Brunello, 11 January 2008)