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Established an entrance fee for the "Club 4000"

As previously announced, from January 1 2008º the applications to join the Club 4000 must be accompanied by an entrance fee of one-time fee of EUR 10,00. The sum can be paid the postal cc No. 13439104 made out to the CAI (specify the reason) Turin Section, sending the amount by post non-transferable and barred, or by Bank transfer specifying the reason (IBAN: EN L 67 0200801137000004416644).

(Club 4000 CD, January 2008)

Second Meeting of the Group Annual "Club 4000"

The Club 4000, Group of the Turin Section of the CAI, held Saturday November 24 2007, at the Congress Center of the CAI Monte dei Cappuccini, its Annual Meeting (Assembly and Conference Dinner), with the sponsorship of the City of Turin. At this meeting they were attended by many members from several Italian and foreign sections, which were able to admire the "1 ° Photo Exhibition" dedicated to 4000 4000 with photos of Club members.

Photo exhibition
You can admire the photos of the photo exhibition

During the meeting they were presented and made available to all mountain lovers some gadget with the Club 4000 logo: stickers, window stickers, T-shirts, cloth badges. E 'was also presented the beautiful "Calendar 2008" product with some of the best pictures of 4000 of the Alps taken from the "Photo Contest" sponsored by the Club 4000.

After the greetings of the President of the CAI-Torino, Daniela Formica, he played its report on the Group's Chairman, Luciano Ratto, who presented the situation of the Group, which now has members of 220 13 40 different countries and sections of the CAI, He grew in one year 45 members (+ 26%). Rat recalled all the initiatives undertaken in the past year and outlined the Group's future program which provides, among other things, in July 2008, the first social outing to Mont Blanc organized by the Group, together with the Section.

At the proposal of the Board of the Assembly then he acclaimed honorary member of Flavio Melindo Group, in recognition of his constant and passionate commitment. E 'followed by the presentation in power-point by Giambattista Parigi, in Pavia partner, the video "The Club 4000 in figures", consisting of a series of statistical analyzes based on the climbs made by members on 82 four officers of the Alps. The text of the report It is available on the website.

The view of Turin from the terrace Museomontagna
The socio Morandini (right) posing with Daniela Formica, President of CAI Torino, and with Luciano Ratto

During discussions there were many interesting presentations on the results achieved, new initiatives in the program and the involvement of the Group in the mountain environment (Klein Matterhorn Walser Express, Mont Blanc Cable Car).

The evening ended with a social dinner in the restaurant attached to the CAI Meeting Centre, in an atmosphere of great cordiality and cheerfulness.

Daniela Formica (left.) Cuts the "birthday cake" with the help of Lodovica Liter

European Culture Prize in Lodovico Marchisio

The "European Prize of the Mont Cenis Colle Culture" (July 21 22-2007) was awarded to Ludovico Marchisio, a member of the Club 4000 ".
This year's theme, which more than 70 writers, gathered from many parts of France and Italy, were to draw up "improvising on the spot" in a maximum time of two hours, was as follows:

"When the weather is nice and I'm free, I like to walk with my memories for the trails and forest roads: observe, listen, even the signals that nature sends me over the seasons and years. But when I do accompanied by friends ... the walk becomes more meditative and intense; How many companions are no longer physically present, their bodies remained in distant places, the mountains or in the desert, without burial: in the cemetery of a country village with a simple cross or in the city under a headstone and a few flowers .. . with their walk, talk and memories back to the surface. "

Well this theme has seen winners, for France Yannick Barbe, awarded the Councillor of Novalesa Matthew Ghiotto, representing the Mayor, who has offered to the winner of the diploma of honor and a stay of one week to 4 people in Novalesa; for Italy won Lodovico Marchisio, awarded by the Mayor of Lanslebourg Jean Pierre Jorcin, which offered the winner a one week stay for 4 people Lanslebourg and the diploma of honor.

The rich curriculum of Lodovico give a summary.
Writer and mountaineer, has to his credit 20 mountain books which guides 14, 5 and 1 autobiographical book of poems. You Accompanist of Hiking graduated from CAI. Discoverer in Val Susa of a Balcony Path (Path of the Ravines), riapritore with CAI Pianezza of a collapsed footpath above the Novalesa Falls and promoter of the constituting of the Dora Park. TAM Commission responsible for the CAI Section of Pianezza. Honorary GAE (environmental guides). Academic member of GISM (Italian Group of Mountain Writers) and Les Auteurs Associés de la Savoie and l'arc de Alpin.
Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in the year 2001 conferred by the President of the Republic for the great merits for civil valor.
Journalist and publicist, is a member of the Editorial Board of "Mountains and Valleys", the journal of the CAI Section of Turin. Also he collaborates with many magazines and mountain journals.

(LR - September 2007)


The text of Ludovico Marchisio who won this area Prize

A light breeze picks up the faint breath of wind. There are perfumes or flowers in the clear air of the morning. Just remember, remarkability by the trampling of hurried footsteps, absent! This slight noise erases the memories that emerge tired, imperceptible for now.

Ê breath of the stream in full thaw that creates sounds incomprehensible at first but in the silence take on a strange voice, indistinct, unusual. It emerges and comes to life under the powerful push of thunder that makes up in his roaring scream, a cry for help raised and dragged by the lightning light that precedes it. From this symposium sounds, a flash of memories from the time dormant, resurface. I look in the direction of the temporal and ephemeral rainbow that rises from the valley floor, taking the form of the faces and a cross. Shortness of breath that accompanies me in the race to that call is like a sudden light that shows me the uncertain path of the post and drag my body, now shaped by the mind and the heart.

All around feel now distinct voices of the dead, choked by the last cry of distant avalanche, accompanied by an orchestra of sounds: the lark, tawny owls and frogs of the pond that assemble these notes to project them in unison toward the rising rainbow, which like all the ephemeral things of life dissolves with the same speed with which he appeared, leaving a vague and incomplete signal!

Lodovico Marchisio

Exceeded 200 Club members!

The 14 September our Club has reached and exceeded, ahead of schedule, the important goal of 200 States that we set for this year. This is a great satisfaction for all of us.

By a strange coincidence, as well as card No. 100 was a climber woman, Marisa Ferrero, the two hundredth partner is another woman, Silvia Mazzani, who joined the group Club 4000 with her husband, the academic CAI Alberto Grappling.

Unfortunately satisfaction for this achievement was saddened by the news of the death (had 14 years) of our second dog mascot Biaho Uli, who had taken the place of the first, his mother Inty Raimi . Both were life companions and of the listed Silvia and Alberto mountain.

We now await a new mascot worthy of the first two.

(LR - September 2007)

Online the list of rose 4000

In the list of members of the Club, click on the N. "4000", you can access the list of 4000 climbed by individual shareholder, according to data available to the Secretariat. Unfortunately, not all data are correct! Shareholders who would notice a difference between this list and the climbs actually made, please report it to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Preferably using the card specific.

(July 2007)