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First Swedish partner: Peter Sandahl

In mid-August our Club accepted with pleasure and honor the application for membership of Swedish Peter Sandahl. The new partner, accompanied by Danny Uhlmann, an American guide residing in Chamonix, is the architect of the "Climb for Climate" project. The project consisted of the concatenation of 82 Quattromila in 100 days. The aim was to raise public awareness of the impact of climate change in the Alps, thus inducing people to behave more environmentally friendly. The initiative, of which you can find out the details on the dedicated website ( /), has enjoyed the support of important sponsors. The great crossing, begun on May 5, ended after three months with the achievement of 72 peaks. There were ten missing at the end, but the two climbers had to stop because of not very good weather conditions but, above all, prohibitive conditions of the remaining climbing routes, due to the excessive warming of the last weeks. An attitude of responsibility that, in the spirit of the project, does not mean a defeat, but an acceptance of the state of affairs.
A special welcome to the new member Peter Sandahl!
(LG- 20 August 2018)

Mourning Club 4000

We received the news that the 4 in August, the partner Alberto Timeus of Domodossola has left us struck by an incurable disease.

To all the family the most heartfelt condolences of all the members of the Club.

(PB- 6 August 2018)

Conference In memory of "Franz" Rota Nodari

InvitationPolytechnic SGLinBolivia Franz 21.05.2018 001Before the accident in which he lost his life, Franz was organizing the presentation of the scientific / humanitarian study project of the Chachacomani glacier on the Cordillera Real in Bolivia, organized by the Glaciological Service Lombardo (SGL) of which he was also a member, together at the Polytechnic, on whose behalf he would have done satellite surveys, in which he specialized.
The evening, which other friends have brought forward in the organization, is in his memory: we will still have time to see some of his most beautiful photos of 4000 and beyond.
The most beautiful and large room was chosen ... it would be nice to see her full of her friends and people who appreciated it.

Click here to view the complete program event.

FM - 27 April 2018

Request for photographs for the 2019 Calendar

CoverAfter the important 2018 edition on the occasion of 25 4000 years of foundation of the 2019 Club, with XNUMX the alpinist calendar will be printed again with the photos of the members in the traditional format. All members are therefore invited to participate in the realization of the calendar by sending their best photos (maximum 5) taken in years Recent (preferably the last three).

The photographs must display the author's name, the name of the subject and possibly the shooting year (please do not leave the photo numerical code generated by the camera, because it creates confusion on the author's name). Free subject, photos taken on 4.000 of our Alps.
Photos should be at vertical orientation relationship with 4: 5, in JPG or TIF format at maximum resolution (if possible set to 300 DPI).
Maximum photo sending time: Tuesday 14 August 2018.

All photographs submitted by members will be presented during the Annual Meeting of the Club 4000, which will be held in the fall 2018.

The Club4000 wishes everyone a good season mountaineering and a profitable collection of images!

Join the crowd!

(FM - June 2018)

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New route on the Northern Grigna dedicated to Franz Rota Nodari

Last 2 April Benigno Balatti, in the company of his wife Giovanna Cavalli, has opened a new route on the west face of the Northern Grigna, dedicating it to Franz Rota Nodari. The way, which was called "Feel free"(Feel free), spread over 450 m with slopes to 70 ° and overall difficulty D.

Read on Forum the complete news, reported by the member Raffaele Morandini.

FM - 10 April 2018