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Photographic evening Luke Calzone in Campodolcino (SO)

The day January 6 2011 Luke Calzone will present photographs of mountaineering and ski touring 2009 / 2010 on "From Rose to Bernina - My four 47". The evening will take place at 21 in Campodolcino (SO), Fraz. Corti.
You can see here playbill event.

(FM - 28 December 2010)

New Book "Testimonials"

She was born the new section "About us", Which collects articles and interviews he appeared in newspapers or magazines and which affect directly or indirectly the Club 4000.

We invite all members to notify us of other material of which they were aware, so you can have a picture as possible updated and full of what is said about us.

Full Annual Shareholders' Meeting happened in Bergamo


It was held at the Palamonti of Bergamo the customary annual meeting of the Club 4000, in which the social dinner followed.

Hosted by CAI Bergamo at Palamonti and with the organization's on-site partner Francesco Rota Nodari, well known to frequent the Forum, the event was a complete success.

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Daniela Formica "Cover Girl" of the "boot"


The December 2010 of CAI "magazine Lo Scarpone" devotes its cover and an extensive interview with Daniela Formica, President of the Club 4000, who last October has completed the ascent of all 82 "4000" of the Alps. Read the section "About us"The full interview (Courtesy of "Lo Scarpone").

 Again congratulations to Daniela!

 (FM - December 5 2010)