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The Club 4000 the Trento Film Festival

autumn edition of Trento Film Festival, Which will be held in Bolzano from September to 24 4 2015 October, has been inserted a mountaineering evening, on "82x1 - The 4000 of the Alps and Mont Blanc between records, history and future." will participate Simone Moro, Franco Nicolini e Diego Giovannini (Both members of the Club 4000) and, representing the Club 4000, our President Daniela Formica.

Click here to consult the full program of the Trento Film Festival of Bolzano.


(FM - September 2015)

Assembly and 2015 social dinner


SAbato November 28 2015, at 18,30 will be held in Turin, at the Congress Center of the CAI Monte dei Cappuccini, Ascent CAI Torino 12 (formerly Via Giardino), thea regular annual meeting of the Club 4000

Pursuant to regulation, this year the Assembly will have to elect a new Board of Directors. We invite all members of good will to stand, signaling its readiness to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., To contribute to the aims of the Club 4000.

The meeting will show the photographs used to make the traditional calendar 2016, which this year revolves around the Sella Hut and will be available for purchase at the price heavily discounted. You can also buy the book "All 4000 - The thin air of high altitude" and other gadgets Club.

Starting at 16 and 18 to the members who can be booked for free visit the Museo Nazionale della Montagna.

20.30 to follow the traditional


at the Restaurant of the same Meetings Center.
The cost will be € 35,00 all inclusive. Please point out any special dietary requirements when booking, to be made by 20 days in November one of the following addresses:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CAI Torino, Via Barbaroux 1 - 10122 Torino - tel. 011 546031

For members who need to stay overnight in Turin remember thatW e entered into a discounted agreement with the hotel

Via Principe Amedeo 21 - Torino
Phone 011 812 44 16 - 011 812 44 66 fax - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Single room: € 67.00
Double room: from € 95,00

It includes breakfast and Wi-Fi connection.

At the price will be added to the city tax, equal to 2,80 € per person per day.

The hotel reservation must be made directly by the members concerned (not via online agencies), referring to the agreement signed with the Club 4000.

A wide selection of hotels on

We hope many of you will come!


(FM - September 2015)

Tragic death of Oliviero Bellinzani

In this deadly summer 2015 we must unfortunately record another misfortune that has struck an associate. Bellinzani Oliviero, "The man with wings", the August 21 last lost his life in Switzerland and climbed the Grauhorn (3260 m) with his friend Tonino Porcu, probably due to a landslide of rocks. Bellinzani, very known for his mountaineering feats (was without a leg) had been appointed Honorary Member Club in 4000 2013 for its extraordinary qualities of skill and tenacity.

Oliviero family to send their deepest condolences to all members of the Club 4000 for the death of an exceptional man, an example for all of courage and determination.

On his Facebook page the memory and the regret of those who had known and admired.

(FM - various sources - August 23 2015)


From hiking to high altitude in Druento

DRUENTO 11 9 2015Friday September 11 "hiking Group of Druento associations - GEC" organizes an evening dedicated to photographs and films of the mountain, on the theme "from hiking to high altitude." The event will John hanger and members of the Club 4000 Lodovico Marchisio, Luciano Ratto, Mark Tatto e Nazarene Valerio.

The presentation will be held in Druento (TO) at the Cultural Center San Sebastian in Via Garibaldi at 21, with free admission.

Click that to see the poster of the event.


(LR - 4 September 2015)

Last 4000 for Nicola Beltraminelli

It lacked only the Matterhorn in Nicola Beltraminelli to reach the finish of 82 "4000". This 'lack' has been filled him last August 3 with the ascent to the "Grand Becca" for the Hörnli ridge, well-documented photographically on Picasa.

Congratulations to Nicola for the achievement and best wishes for many more beautiful ascents!


(FM - August 18 2015)