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The Club 4000 is also on FaceBook!

facebook iconIt was created on FaceBook Official group Club 4000. It is a closed group, which are all members of the Club were entered office, but we hope that other high-mountain enthusiasts who wish to enroll.

We hope that this new channel of communication makes it even more enjoyable to share our common passion.


(FM 12 May 2016)

We are looking for photographs for 2017 Calendar

2014 CoverAfter the important 2016 edition dedicated to the restoration of the Capanna Quintino Sella to Rochers of Mont Blanc, with 2017 you will return to print the calendar mountaineering made with photos of members. Therefore invite all members to participate in the realization of the calendar by sending their best photos (maximum 5) taken in recent years 5.


The photographs must display the author's name, the name of the subject and possibly the shooting year (please do not leave the photo numerical code generated by the camera, because it creates confusion on the author's name). Free subject, photos taken on 4.000 of our Alps.
Photos should be at vertical orientation relationship with 4: 5, In JPG or TIF format at maximum resolution.

Important: To construct the images by setting the maximum resolution on camera and in post production with Photoshop if you can set to 300 DPI.
Maximum sending photos term: Monday August 15 2016.

The Club4000 wishes everyone a good season mountaineering and a profitable collection of images!

Tips: taken, tested and increase your camera's ability to capture spectacular and memorable images. Try to capture the moment. It is these that we're going to try ... follow the rule of thirds, cured the frame, always try to insert a human figure in motion, but not in the foreground and possibly not posing particular ... .this will give dynamism to the image and will make right proportions in the photographs of landscapes.


Technical Notes: The photographs you will have to send twice, once in the Forum small format (order to be able to show everyone) and a full size format to the email listed below.
To send photos shareholders must follow the following steps:

Read more: We are looking for photographs for 2017 Calendar

Latest copies of the calendar 2016

2016 Cover

January 2016

some copies of 2016 calendar, dedicated to the Capanna Quintino Sella to Rochers Mont Blanc are still available, whose restoration, sponsored by Club 4000, will be completed in the next season.

The calendar can be purchased for as long as at the headquarters of CAI Torino in via Barbaroux 1; those who live outside Turin can request it from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Adding postage (for the method of payment v. "Publications and gadgets").

A Mosso an evening on the Cap. Sella to Rochers

Poster evening VARZO 2016Friday March 11 2016 21 pm, at the Auditorium of Santa Maria Mosso (BI), will present images and movies related to the restoration of the Capanna Quintino Sella to Rochers Mont Blanc. The evening, organized by CAI Mosso in collaboration with Club 4000, City of Mosso and Alta Association of Shipyards Quote is free admission. Click that to review the event poster.


(FM - March 9 2016)


of Mountain Medicine course

The University of Pavia is organizing a course on "Emergency Medicine Mountain and Alpine Rescue", Open to all and free of charge. The course is divided into seven lessons from March to 21 20 2016 April, and ensures students two credits ADE. Among the teachers is noted Prof. Gian Battista Paris, Club 4000 partner. Click that to inspect the course program.
(FM - March 7 2016)