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All 4000 for Beppe Furigo

Furigo summit Droites cThe Peuterey ridge itself is a very good company, the more satisfaction for the shareholder Beppe Furigo, That with the ascent of AIG. Blanche de Peuterey and the Grand Pilier d'Angle has completed the collection of all the 4000. The climb is documented on YouTube.A reminder of the goal achieved attach the photo the side that shows him on the summit of Droites in stating ... "very close."

Congratulations to Beppe (also known as Beppe Fly) and wishes for the next climbs!

(FM - 3 September 2016)

Welcome Hubert Gogl!

Hubert Gogl, Mountain Guide, journalist ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austrian National Radio and Television) and author of several books of the mountains, he joined the Club 4000, having to its credit all 82 "4000" of the Alps. The 2016 thus records a high number of members who have completed the collection, also because of the good weather that has characterized this summer.

We warmly welcome to Hubert Gogl, according socio after Kurt Diemberger to represent in the Austrian Alpine Club 4000.

(FM - 1 September 2016)

"En plein" for Marino Chemello!

Chemello 82

The 23 last August our partner Marino Chemello He climbed the Jungfrau, its 82º 4000, completing the collection of all 4000 of the Alps. As evidence of the event sent the photo at right, which shows him shows a pennant prepared for the occasion, which also appears in our logo.

Congratulations to Chemello for the success achieved: we are certain that other companies will follow!

(FM - August 25 2016)

82 "four" for David Bergamin

With the ascent of the Weisshorn, carried out in day of August, our partner David Bergamin It completed the "collection" of all 4000 of the Alps.

We rejoice with David for the achievement and we wish to accomplish much more satisfaction climbs over our beautiful mountains.

(FM - August 16 2016)

Reopens the construction site of the Sella Hut at Rochers

With the first flight of reconnaissance and transport materials we have reopened the site for the restoration of the Cap. Quintino Sella to Rochers Mont Blanc.

It informs mountaineers who, for security issues, the hut is no longer accessible until the end of the work; you can follow the progress either on this site or on Facebook page . dedicated to the restoration. As soon will finish the work, we will immediately inform.

We renew the invitation to contribute to the costs of restoration with a payment on cc 000103565012 payable to "CAI TORINO CLUB 4000" Iban IT91B0200801137000103565012, UniCredit Bank AG. 37, specifying as a causal "Contribution Capanna Sella" We thank all those institutions, members and non-members, who have already given their support.


(FM - July 25 2016)