partner summit same route uphill date Information
Michaela Corvisiero Monte Cervino / Matterhorn Cresta OS (Lion) 12-10-2017  
Luca LORENZETTI Dôme de Neige des Ecrins Via Normal 24-09-2017 Beautiful climb to the Ecrins massif.Conditions 'acceptable', Des Ecrins shelter already closed, but the comfortable ...
Roberto ROSSI The Courmayeur Mont Blanc Crest of Brouillard 08-09-2017 Brouillard integral crest in good condition (see Punta Baretti).
Roberto ROSSI Picco Luigi Amedeo Crest of Brouillard 08-09-2017 See P. Baretti.
Roberto ROSSI Mont Brouillard Crest of Brouillard 08-09-2017 See P. Baretti
Roberto ROSSI Punta Baretti Crest of Brouillard 07-09-2017 Brouillard integral crest, made in two days by Val Veny. Bivy between P. Baretti and M. Brouillard. Good condition, rope from ...
Zbynek ENGEL Dôme de Neige des Ecrins Via Normal 03-09-2017  
Andrea FANTIN Dente del Gigante / Dent du Géant N ridge and wall NO 03-09-2017 Climbing in company with carlo alberto ga .via traveled with crampons, icy canoes.
Marco LAVAGGI Bishorn side NO 30-08-2017 uphill climbing, very creepy glacier at the end of the season, day out of the clear sky and climb to the nearby Punta Burnaby 4135m
giancesare SONZOGNI Täschhorn SSE ridge (Mischabelgrat) 30-08-2017 Mischabeljoch biwak reached by Saas Fee, with Metro Alpin to Mittelallalin and, hence, to the northeast of the Alphubel (4128 m) then ...
Marco GIACOBINO Schreckhorn Cresta SO 30-08-2017 Good conditions. All dry. Great glacier and terminal virtually nonexistent.
Giuseppe CALORI Punta Zumstein SSE ridge 29-08-2017 crossing Dufour
Giuseppe CALORI Dufourspitze / Punta Dufour SE Crest from Punta Zumstein 29-08-2017  
Ilario Pacati Dent Blanche crest S 27-08-2017  
Demis SCREENS Dufourspitze / Punta Dufour Spur S (Cresta Rey) 27-08-2017 With her friend Elke. Departing from Mantua to 04.30, the conditions of the glacier are bad, the creeps are everywhere. In...
Ralf HOLZHAY Jungfrau SE ridge (from Rottalsattel) 27-08-2017  
Gianni SELMI The Isolée another climb 26-08-2017 With the isolee ends the difficult part of the du diable ridge, tackled starting from the Elbronner point with the first cable car, and ended ...
Gianni SELMI Pointe Carmen SE ridge (des Diables) 26-08-2017  
Gianni SELMI Pointe Médiane SE ridge (des Diables) 26-08-2017  
Gianni SELMI Pointe Chaubert SE ridge (des Diables) 26-08-2017