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    Mauro Soregaroli allalinhorn Cresta ENE (Hohlaubgrat) 16-09-2018  
    Stefano MACAGNO Lagginhorn Cresta NNE from Fletschhorn 16-09-2018 Get on board the Fletschhorn and get out of the normal Lagginhorn: the ascent to Fletschhorn has some ice in the channel of ...
    Roberto GARNERO Aletschhorn Sperone SO 16-09-2018 Actual ascent with Elisa Colmo (CAI Saluzzo).
    Demis SCREENS Lauteraarhorn Gully Wall S 16-09-2018 With Elke. Completely dry if not for 100m of snowfield at 3350m where they serve pikes and crampons. The canal passes comfortably to dex. Parties ...
    Matthew GREEK Dente del Gigante / Dent du Géant SO wall 15-09-2018 Perfect conditions with thermal zeros at about 4200m and no wind. Gums and completely dry, a few ropes on the way to play ...
    Stefano PELUCCHI Lauteraarhorn Gully Wall S 15-09-2018 channel almost all dry ... 100m steep snow where you need pikes and swabs.Saliti in the summit in the day starting from the 5.00 from the ...
    Mauro Soregaroli Mont Blanc / Monte Bianco Cresta NO (from Goûter) 14-09-2018  
    Andrea BOVINI Dent d'Hérens Cresta O 12-09-2018  
    Ezio DE LORENZO POZ weissmies side ONO 12-09-2018  
    Mauro Soregaroli Gran Paradiso NO side (via Chabod) 11-09-2018  
    MAX RE CALEGARI finsteraarhorn Wall SO and NO Cresta 11-09-2018  
    Manel Borrell Punta Margherita Cresta O (Crossing Jorasses) 10-09-2018 Good conditions. Only young fresh to reach the Punta Young just before reaching the ridge.
    Manel Borrell Punta Elena Cresta O (Crossing Jorasses) 10-09-2018 Good conditions
    Manel Borrell Punta Croz Cresta O (Crossing Jorasses) 10-09-2018 Dry and good conditions
    Manel Borrell Punta Whymper Cresta O (Crossing Jorasses) 10-09-2018 Dry and good conditions
    MAX RE CALEGARI Gross Grünhorn Cresta SO (from Grünegghorn) 10-09-2018  
    Mauro Soregaroli Dente del Gigante / Dent du Géant SO wall 09-09-2018  
    Manel Borrell Aiguille de Rochefort Crest of Rochefort 09-09-2018 Good conditions
    Manel Borrell Dôme de Rochefort Crossing Ridge Rochefort 09-09-2018 Good conditions
    Matthew GREEK Combin de Valsorey Cresta O (Arête du Meitin) 09-09-2018 General conditions optimal ridge, all dry without verglass. Funny climbing in the stretches of rock good, delicate but prefect ...