partner summit same route uphill date Information
Jean-pierre ZING And Breithornzwillinge Crossing of the Breithorn +81 3-3946-1717  
Jean-pierre ZING Black Rock / Schwarzfluh S slope +81 3-3946-1717  
Claudio CASALEGNO Punta Giordani side O +81 3-3946-1717 Great track, roped with Andrea Novelli and in the company of Henry Pessiva and Federico Fraternale.
Claudio CASALEGNO Piramide Vincent Cresta ESE +81 3-3946-1717 Snowcranky ridge, keeping crampons up to tip. In roving with Andrea Novelli and in the company of Henry Pessiva and Federico Fraternale.
Paul Brunatto Rimpfischhorn Cresta OSO +81 3-3946-1717 Decisive climb in the beautiful weather window after snowy days. From the 2300 altitude there is the first snow, which south (bottom) ...
Marco MATTUTINO Rimpfischhorn Cresta OSO +81 3-3946-1717 I climb up with Paolo Brunatto and Sergio Marchioni
Rèmy HEINTZ Dent Blanche crest S +81 3-3946-1717  
Paul Anton HOOGENDOORN Weisshorn ridge +81 3-3946-1717 Together with Rainer Kempf (in great weather).
Ilario Pacati Corno Nero / Schwarzhorn side O +81 3-3946-1717  
Ilario Pacati Ludwigshöhe Cresta O +81 3-3946-1717  
Ilario Pacati Parrotspitze / Parrotspitze NE ridge +81 3-3946-1717  
Renato BOBBIN Dent d'Hérens Cresta O +81 3-3946-1717 Get up from the Tiefmatten ridge. From the Aosta rif we reached the glacier already very cracked in a couple of areas and we have ...
Valerio MASA Barre des Ecrins NE ridge and wall O +81 3-3946-1717  
Valerio MASA Dôme de Neige des Ecrins Via Normal +81 3-3946-1717  
Stefano SCIANDRA Dom N side by Festijoch +81 3-3946-1717 Ascension performed at 42esimo 4000 along with Marco Barmasse. Glacier conditions still good despite the hellish heat of the ...
Ilario Pacati Dent d'Hérens Cresta O +81 3-3946-1717  
Claudio CASALEGNO Ludwigshöhe Cresta O +81 3-3946-1717 Ice conditions emerging, the end part is sharper than usual. Climbing with Elena Castagna and Andrea ...
Claudio CASALEGNO Punta Giordani SE ridge (Cresta del Soldato) +81 3-3946-1717 Good condition of the ridge, the rock is cleaned by snow and ice. Great trace downhill on the glaciers. Roving with Elena ...
Tonino MARCONI Lagginhorn Cresta OSO +81 3-3946-1717  
Enrico TRENTIN Lyskamm W (East / West) Crossing of Lyskamm +81 3-3946-1717 As reported by Eastern Lyskam, since we have performed the integral crossing.