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Exploit extraordinary: 82x60!

The expedition Diego Giovannini, Mirco Mezzanotte and Franz Nicolini, The latter of socio Club 4000, 26 the game last June (v. News of 10.7), reached in the early hours of Sunday, August 24 4.049 meters of the summit of Piz Bernina ending his grueling Alpine Marathon. For the first time the concatenation of 82 all four of the Alps has been fully implemented in just 60 giorni, By carrying out all the transfers between the various mountain groups exclusively with the use of means of locomotion "natural" (ski or bike) or on foot. All tracks were recorded with GPS instrumentation.

On this extraordinary record, I tried several times and never realized (Miha Valic accomplished chaining last winter in 102 days, and lost his life attempting Patrick Berhault in 2004) closes an important page of mountaineering over 4000. A notice giving details of the undertaking appears in "And Curiosity".

The diary of the expedition, press releases and various images are shown on the site

Congratulations to the three alpinists from the Club 4000!

FM (August 25 2008)