Although with a little 'delay, has finally come out of the Book Club, "ALL 4000 - The thin air of high altitude", with a foreword by Kurt Diemberger, and co-published with the publisher VIVALDA, priced at of € 19,50 cover. The book consists of 192 90 pages and contains photos, taken by 22 members, and is available in major Italian libraries. The official presentation of the book will be held on July 14 2010 at 19 at the Congress Center of the Cai Torino at the Monte dei Cappuccini.

Members of the CLUB 4000 can request the book to the Secretary of the Club (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Or directly to the Secretary of the Cai Torino (via Barbaroux, 1, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Fax 011 539260) or by letter to: 4000 Club c / o Cai Torino -Via Barbaroux 1 - 10122 Torino, at the special price of € 16,00

The number of copies available at this price is limited.

We intend to provide each member the opportunity to have at least one copy at a discounted price.
If global demand will exceed the number of copies available at a discounted price, they will be distributed proportionally to requests copies, subject to copy guaranteed to each requesting shareholder, with the possibility of having the missing copies to the normal list price.

Members will be notified prior to shipment; They can therefore decide whether to opt out of any full-price copies or require only available at a discount. total order amount you have to add a contribution of € 1,50 for postage; the shipping contribution is independent of the number of copies requested.

The payment will only be required at this point and should be done in the usual way:

DC Postal 13439104
cc bank IBAN IT L 67 02008 01137 000004416644

headed "Italian Alpine Club Section of Turin - Via Barbaroux 1 - 10122 Torino"; reason "for the book Club4000".
(NB If they abut the transfer "CAI" and not in full "Italian Alpine Club" sometimes the online bank transfers do not start)

You can also send to the same address a check payable Cai Turin Section.

Paolo Stroppiana