Crossing Rochefort - Grandes Jorasses

I am a partner, in a not too distant future maybe I intend to make the full crossing of the Rochefort ridge. Currently the guides of the Grandes Jorasses area are quite old; if anyone has made in recent years, I would be very grateful if you could get me a precise relationship especially in the stretch from the hill to the Jorasses Pointe Walker.
confident expect an answer, I wish you all a good spring, waiting for the summer to do this kind of ascents.

John Rovedatti

I answer you questions:

1 ° - regarding technical documentation, guide-books to be referred are, to my knowledge, still the following:
-Monte White, vol II, 43a route (p 129 and following), the Monts Guide d 'Italy, CAI; 1968.
Unfortunately, the late, great Buscaini Gino, who died last year, the author of the exemplary leadership of Mont Blanc, vol I, which has no equal in the world, failed to complete the II ° volume that would answer to your queries.
-guide Vallot, Italian edition, ascents choices, 1988, Ohara
-Gaston Rebuffat: The Mont Blanc Massif, the hundred most beautiful ascents, p 178, Zanichelli, Bologna, 1974
-Card dissolved, available perhaps in the library of some section of the CAI, the "GUIDE Mytra" published in Chamonix.

2 ° - for more detailed information on the status and recent (nailing, equipped double, situation Canzio bivouac etc.) Of this beautiful ridge crossing, which is - as you know - the combination of the crest of Rochefort with the West and the Jorasses presenting (excluding the Giant's Tooth) the beauty of seven peaks of 4000 meters, I refer you to the full report you can read in section "Relations".

The report was kindly provided by Pier Mattiel, Our partner and Mountain Guide, he has done several times this climb and we thank them publicly for his availability. Pier Mattiel also has a website at, very interesting.

Luciano Ratto
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