Fletschhorn (3993 m)

This Swiss mountains, the canton Valais was listed 4001 m on maps up to 1956, then new measurements (and probably the consequences of one or more landslides) have downgraded. The inhabitants of Saas Grund, in the territory of which there are more than 13 4000 m peaks, however, are not resigned to the nearest mountain to the country and characterizing its landscape is high "only" 3993 m .: "mountaineers seeking the 4000 "i say in the town hall. But more than the fear of losing tourists, there is perhaps the envy towards the nearby Saas Fee, in whose territory they rise well 23 four. From here the spring project to raise the summit of Fletschhorn at least 7 meters, Carrying with helicopters around 300 tons of material. Fortunately, however, also as a result of the protests of the WWF, the Swiss Alpine Club and the Alpine Guides of the area, the project has been rejected by both the Construction Commission of the Canton of Valais, both the Council of State of the Confederacy.
(Source: "La Stampa", November 7 1990)