(Press published in "Mountains and Valleys", Bulletin of the CAI Torino)

As announced a few months ago on "Mountains and valleys", from January 1 "4000 Club" has become part of our Section, taking as its official name "Group Club 4000".

A brief history: The Club was founded in 4000 1993 initiative of Luciano Ratto and Franco Bianco, as a meeting place for climbers climbers of "4000" alpine. The membership of the association is open to all those who have in your "carnet de course" at least 30 82 UIAA summits of the official list.

The "Club 4000" is thus characterized as a "honorary Academy", a "Career Achievement Award" for fans of this way of understanding the high mountains.
Special features of the club is to be a forerunner of the modern "virtual clubs" because now spreads through its website (, well maintained and extremely attractive.
After more than ten years of life and at the finish of 160 States, the resources of the founding members and a few friends that supported them were just enough to hold the weight of the work that the development of the club had demanded. Hence the idea to enter the great family of Cai, an idea endorsed enthusiastically by our section, because, in addition to the pride of welcoming a prestigious, is the belief of being able to give the "Group Club 4000" new development opportunities .

The present: Of course the ideas and projects to be implemented need the commitment of many people. We therefore invite the shareholders who have the characteristics required to join the "Group 4000 Club", and those who have not yet reached the "fateful" threshold, but are on track, to come forward and participate. The members and supporters will have the opportunity to meet the head office of the Monte dei Cappuccini every Tuesday evening from h 21 in Rocciamelone Room

The futureThe share of 4000 meters is just a round number that sounds good, and therefore exerts a particular psychological appeal. Always for non-English climbers, for which the 4000 13.123,36 feet to meters is insignificant extent, I am a high mountain metaphor.
It 'just the logic of a classic of mountaineering revitalization that Section envisages assigning the "Group Club 4000" the role of driver for an ever greater field activity.
Therefore, in addition to improve and enhance the website, the hope is that the Group becomes a meeting place, where you can meet, exchange experiences, information and, ultimately, organize climbs.

To define the activity of the Group and to appoint the corporate officers, it is convened, in accordance with the statute,


in the day Friday 26 May 2006 21,00 pm
at the registered office of the Monte dei Cappuccini
Avenue Garden, Turin