activities of members Statistics

We tried to reason on the activities of our members, based on the last year declared the first climb to a new 4000.

Obviously, we have excluded shareholders who have already completed the collection, since we assume (and hope for them) that their mountaineering activities and 4000 is not finished with the achievement of this objective; these members' full-82 "were as follows:


Luciano RAT1988
Giambattista CALLONI2000
Pier MATTIEL2000
Marco BORGINI2001
Jocelyne GAY2001
Mario BOYS2002
Franco NICOLINI2007
Hansueli MARTI2008
Gabriel Voide2008
Margareth Voide-Bumann2008
Armando ANTOLA2009
Vareno Boreatti2010
Daniela FORMICA2010
Martin HEFTI2010
Richard ARNOLD2010
Eugenio MANNI2011
Giuliana SALA2011
maximum MEDINA2011
Alberto CUCATTO2012
Francesco ROTA NODARI2012
Jean-Louis PITTELOUD2012
Floriano Martinaglia2012
Luigi Farnelli2012
Dominique DE Staercke2012
Mara BABOLIN2013
Hugues Duplantier2013
Andrey Chizhov2013
John Rovedatti2014
Claudio CECCATO2015
Nicola Beltraminelli2015
David BERGAMIN2016
Marino CHEMELLO2016
Giuseppe Furigo2016
Hubert GOGL2016
Guillaume LEDOUX2016


Consequently, reasoning only on members that are still "active" from the point of view of our statistics on the site, the one that currently has the following trend is (in which is reported for each member the year of the last climb to a new " 4000 "- we used as the start of the times the 2000 scale):