Club History (034)

2011, 26 November: It was held at the headquarters of CAI Turin Monte dei Cappuccini at the usual meeting of the Club Annual 4000. In Piero Bianco opening illustrated the new web site and provided the most significant data made from it: the new 335 4000 90 up from members, who are currently 348, 14.000 access to the site from Italy and other countries. Also they were analyzed several proposals to improve the use of the site, which remains the main meeting point of the members.

The President Daniela Formica then presented a brief account of the activities of the year. The book "All 4000" had a good sales success, and within a second printing will be necessary. Also good sales 2012 calendar. Much success they have had in the evenings presentation of photographs and promotion of clubs, mainly held by Luke Calzone. There were presentations of similar requests from various sections of the CAI; it would be desirable that other members contribute to these initiatives.

They were then examined various proposals for activities next year, which will be carefully considered by the Board.