The "82x365" project closed 81

82x365 logo medium -Eventually, technology, projects, ambitions and the human will has prevailed her, the mountain; Luckily!

And so, members of the Club 4000, the group belonging to the Turin section of the CAI bringing together mountaineers climbed peaks higher than at least 30 4000 m on were almost pleased UIAA, the official list 82 that he had to surrender to the prohibitive conditions this year characterized the Aiguille du Jardin (4035 m), in the Mont Blanc group.

In fact, the wide crevasse that was immediately revealed itself after heavy snowfalls since late spring of 2013 prevented anyone to tread the summit this season, at least according to the source of the guides of Chamonix.

Thus, the "82x365" project, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Club, predicted during the climb of all 2013 82 "four" by at least one of the 4000 Club partner, stopped at 81 share: although these were already climbed all the 1 September. The project have helped ideally 83 384 of members (updated figure at the end of 2013), which have risen in total 422 81 times tops.

In the Charter states that "4000 the Club strives to promote and encourage the mountaineering activities in the high mountains, while respecting the natural environment, stimulating and encouraging mutual understanding and the meeting between the members in order of the exchange of information, experience and documentation". In fact, the respect of environmental conditions and attendance at high altitudes free from competitive exasperation han caused the mountain to say the last word.

Anyone wishing more information may access the project site.

LG - March 15 2014