The Executive Council

During the Assembly of members of the November 28 2015 he was elected the Executive Council for the 2016-2018 three years, which is as follows:

Luke Calzone - President
Paul Brunatto - Vice president
Claudio Casalegno - Director
Giorgio Tori - Director
Luca Gibello - Director
The new Board also assigned the following powers:
Secretariat: Elena Salamon e Flavio melindo
Treasurer: Flavio melindo
Web-Master: Piero Bianco
Delegated to the restoration of the Saddle Hut to Rochers: Daniela Formica
Managing relations with the Turin Section: Louis Costa

Who is the current president:

"Luke Calzone, 47 years, by profession a clerk in a large food company in the Novara, 25 years by photography enthusiast (first chemistry, then digital), has for years worked with photographers to realize services, weddings, video.

In the age of 2001 33 years he found the mountain began as a joke to climb in the Dolomites during a vacation. The result was at once a passion that continues to this day and which has spread to other disciplines of mountaineering and ski touring, after having attended its courses Cai. At the end, with a few companions, he continued the activity especially ski mountaineering, in a crescendo of experiences.

The two passions of photography and mountaineering have merged into one large research and experimentation in mountain photography.

After the climb to the first 4000 made during the various courses in 2004 / 2006, and after many rebukes by Cai instructors for the brazen willingness to try different lines from others in order to take the perfect shot, with his trusty SLR always around his neck , by 2008 he was keen to altitude and started his own "course" to 4.000 of the Alps.

In September 2009 4000 joined the Club with the achievement of its 30 ° four thousand, and in the assembly of the same year joined the board of the Club. Since 2010 care of the realization of the Club4000 calendar.

In the previous three years he held the position of vice-president, while from December 2015 was elected new president, succeeding Daniela Formica ".