Send us your photos for the 2018 Calendar!

2017 CoverAs established by the Board of Directors, They invite all members to participate in the creation of the calendar by sending their best photos taken by 1993 to today.

The photographs must display the author's name, the name of the subject and possibly the shooting year (please do not leave the photo numerical code generated by the camera, because it creates confusion on the author's name). Free subject, photos taken on 4.000 of our Alps, Better if they have a moving human figure but not in the foreground and possibly not posing; This detail gives dynamism to the image and makes the right proportions in panoramic photographs.
Photos should be in JPG or TIF format at maximum resolution (if possible, set to 300 DPI).
Maximum photo sending time: August 31 2017.

Technical Notes: The photographs you will have to send twice, once in the Forum small format (order to be able to show everyone) and a full size format to the email listed below.
To send photos shareholders must follow the following steps:

1. Enter "Forum Club4000" and login using your account information. (Who had not yet registered must request the creation account, as shown on the Home Page of the site at the bottom left).

2. Entering the area reserved for members "to schedule Photo Gallery 2018" and follow the instructions. Since the system has some of the photographs size limits, it is required to reduce the size less than 1280 pixels on the long side.

3. The photographs in original format must be sent as an attachment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Adhering to this procedure, the partner agrees that all rights over photographs sent is transferred to the Club 4000, which may use them freely. Published photos will bear the author's name.

All photographs submitted by members will be presented during the Annual Meeting of the Club 4000, which will be held in the fall 2017.

Join the crowd!