Memories of alpine life

Ugo di Vallepiana Memories of Alpine life book Cover

Author: Ugo di Vallepiana

Publisher: Tamari Editors (Bologna)

Necklace: Voices from the mountains

First Italian edition: April 1972

Format: cm 12x19 - 135 pages - Hardcover - Illustrations: photos in B / W

Piccolo and delicious "booklet" of old, which, having been published in the 1972, would belong to the category of "unavailable", if it were not that today, thanks to the internet, this term seems to have lost meaning. For the bibliophiles, the web is a sort of "Aladdin's lamp", it is enough to "rub", or rather to type, that even the rarest and most dated volumes come out of enchantment, ready to be purchased. Memories of alpine life di Ugo di Vallepiana, it is not so rare, as it can be considered a small classic of mountain publishing, so it is a title in the libraries of the various sections of the CAI So you could read it without spending a euro. This is a pleasant and enjoyable reading, which I highly recommend to all mountain lovers, but especially to those who appreciate a narrative style of the past, with the use of words of fashion. A style, that of Vallepiana, graceful and sagacious, which requires a little 'sensitivity to grasp all the nuances of humor with which he seasoned the book. There are no detailed descriptions of ascents, but very brief summaries of the emotions and feelings experienced by the author. Those of Vallepiana, more than memories are fragments of alpine life, narrated with a little 'snobbery. The author, of noble origins, tells of adventures lived with self-irony and "aplomb", more British than our own. For mountain literature lovers, the name of Ugo di Vallepiana will not be new, as it is the protagonist of the book "The War of Joseph", another classic of alpinism signed by Enrico Camanni. Moreover, Vallepiana was a talented mountaineer and proud Academic CAAI Memories of alpine life it is a very pleasant book from an evening in a refuge, which is read in one breath, and which leaves a good mood in the soul.

Raffaele Morandini

(November 2017)