The mountains and the scent of must

The mountains and the scent of the wort Alberto Paleari Book cover

Author: Alberto Paleari

Publisher: Monte Rosa editions

Necklace: The Paruschiole

First Italian Edition: September 2015

Format: cm 11x18 - 231 pages - Paperback - Illustrations: pictures in B / N

In vino veritas! Original book, which deals with enology and mountaineering, mixing, like fine grapes, these two topics. It is also valuable to write this autobiography of Alberto Paleari, a proliferated writer and navigated alpine guide, which in this book makes extensive use of Greek classicism to introduce the narratives. Palearis, with special features, rebuilds the family tree of his family, describing their relatives in their physical-character aspects, grasping their subtle nuances. With uncommon sensitivity, the author tells a fascinating family story, which has seen the protagonists live an economical parable consumed over four generations. This is a dramatic event that revolves around the Rossi wine-growing company, but it also includes those serene atmospheres of the times that were. There are also many funny anecdotes, such as the "rustic" rite of wine tasting. A world, that told by Paleari, which seems to have come out of a trunk of memories hidden in the attic. Palearus goes in, penetrating into the psyche of the characters he describes by grasping the most significant traits, bringing the reader to identify themselves in each of them. From mild to dramatic tones, the dominant figures of the mother and grandmother, as well as that of the father's complex, scroll in the pages of the book, which also highlights the dichotomy between life in the Ossola Valley, quiet and slow rhythms , and that hoax of Milan, in full student controversy, of which Paleari was involved. The red thread of the book [il Red Rossi was the leading product of the Paleari Winery ...], however, remains the mountain. The author tells of his activity as alpine guide, avalanche, dead and survivors. He himself was buried by a slavin, remaining under the snow for well 20 minutes, coming out alive by miracle. Surreal is the "burial" under a giant boulder, but I leave the story to the reader. From these extreme experiences comes the profound reflections on the death that Paleari puts black on white in the pages of the book, from the melancholy ending. That of Paleari is an autobiography of disarming sincerity, which does not spare love personal reflections and anecdotes from which human weaknesses emerge. Beautiful book!

Raffaele Morandini

(November 2017)