The 82x4000x365 project started

Logo 25In order to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the founding of the 4000 Club with dignity, the "Project 82x4000x365", which aims to rise all the 82 "4000" of the Alpine arc during 2018 by the 4000 Club.

It is therefore required that, during the year, each of the 82 mountain peaks above the 4000 m of the Alpine arc has risen from almeno a member of the club. In this way, all the members of the 4000 Club will come to constitute a sort of virtual partnership and, we hope, often real for the realization of the project.

For this purpose the new site was created, where the aims of the project and the modalities of participation are described in detail. More information can be found on the news published on the site of the CAI Turin come on "La Stampa Nord Ovest".

Access to the site is open to everyone, allowing you to check the progress of the climbs already made; for active participation, it is necessary that the members register on the new site (the credentials of access to the 4000 Club can not be used for the project).

Join the crowd! And good mountain everyone!

(FM - January 2 2018)