A serious mourning hit the 4000 Club

FranzI have always considered our partner Franz Rota Nodari like a skilled mountaineer, bold but not reckless, particularly attentive to safety in the progression of the rope.

Great was then the astonishment in learning the news that last March 24 had fallen in the descent from the massif of the Concarena, due to an accident that occurred in trivial circumstances in making a rappelling. No help was needed, immediately alerted by the climbing partner Mara Babolin.

Franz was well known in the mountaineering environment for his climbing relationships, always accompanied by beautiful photos that often found acceptance on the calendar of the 4000 Club. Allegro and extrovert, he has always participated in the Club's annual meetings and also last November he was present with his wife Marta and their two wonderful children Emma and Pietro: they immediately think about this moment of despair and pain, which they take all the managers and members of the 4000 Club leave.

For him, the mountain was not just a playground (he was the youngest Italian to have climbed all the 82 "4000" of the Alps), but also a reason to study: environmental engineer, he was particularly involved in the study of climatic variations and of the effects on the development of glaciers.

It will be difficult to forget his figure as a mountaineer and a man.

FM - March 25 2018