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Brief History of the Club

Club History (033)

2011 October: is published, jointly with Vivalda Publishers, the 2012 Calendar, made with photographs taken by the shareholders during their ascents. The large amount of photographs he received permission to make a good choice and still make once an undisputed quality calendar.

Club History (032)

2011, in June: On-line is put on the site a list of the last climb made by shareholders, in addition to the one of the last members already entered in April.

With this indication, it will eventually be possible to contact the member to have direct information on mountain conditions.

Club History (031)

2011, March: a new Forum is opened, integrated with the 4000 Club website, which adds to the already existing features, among which the possibility of directly modifying their data by the members stands out.

Also included under the heading "About us" and mentions the articles that talk about the Club 4000.

Club History (030)

2011, 12 February: during the "Grand Gala of the International Mountain", Which closed the 'Cinema Festival, It was delivered to the Club 4000 Prize Mountain Italy 2011"... For the work of promotion and encouragement of high mountain climbing, while respecting the natural environment".

It is a very important award, which in previous years has been awarded to personalities and institutions of great depth and notoriety, as Simone Moro or Spiders of Lecco. This recognition is a stimulus for further action of high alpinism development, the primary objective of the Club 4000

Club History (029)

2010, 20 November: the regular annual meeting of the Club 4000, followed by the social dinner, was held this year at the Palamonti of Bergamo, with the on-site organization of socio Francesco Rota Nodari. This decision underlined the not strictly local setting of the Club 4000, addressed to lovers of high altitudes of any nationality. The Assembly was also open to friends and sympathizers; among those present he stood out the presence of the strong Kazakh climber Denis Urubko, sympathetic and exceptional "ottomilista".

After the greetings of the President of the CAI Bergamo Paolo Valoti, Daniela Formica, President of the Club 4000, he outlined the activities of the year just ended, among which stands out the publication, the result of collaboration with Vivalda Publishers, the "All 4000 volume - the thin air of high altitude ", to which contributed the shareholders, primarily Luciano Ratto, founder of the Club.

Among the important activities of the year we were reminded of the social outing ski-touring in the Bernese and the recent release of 2011 calendar, very nice and with images in large format, which is also produced in collaboration with Vivalda Publishers.

The Assembly was also the occasion to inaugurate the new web site, more manageable and open to direct interaction with shareholders, the characteristics of which were illustrated by Piero Bianco, who oversaw the construction.