Recommended guide-books to collectors of 4000

- Helmut Dumler, Willi Burkhardt: "The Big Book of Four thousand of the Alps", Zanichelli, Bologna, 1998

- Richard Goedeke: "I 4000 of the Alps", Iter, Rome, 1996

- Mario Vannuccini: "The four of the Alps", Nordpresse, Brescia, 1999


- Gaston Rebuffat: "The Mont Blanc massif", Zanichelli, Bologna, 1974

- Gaston Rebuffat: "The massive Upper Dauphine", Zanichelli, Bologna, 1978

- Michel Vaucher: "The Pennine Alps", Zanichelli, Bologna, 1980

- Gian Carlo Grassi: "Gran Paradiso and Valli di Lanzo", Zanichelli, Bologna, 1982

- Mario Colonel: "Streets of Heaven - The most beautiful climbs of Alpine Ridge", CDA and VIVALDA Publishers, Turin, 2003


- Guides Monti of Italy CAI:

Mont Blanc, vol.1-1994

Mont Blanc, vol.2-1968

Monte Rosa and Mischabel-1991

Pennine Alps, vol. 1-1971

Pennine Alps, vol. 2-1970


- Maurice Brandt: "Guides des Alpes Valaisannes", 5 volumes, CAS, Berne, 1987-1992

- Maurice Brandt: "Guides des Alpes Bernoises", CAS, Geneva, 1982


- Meridiani-Montagne necklace:

n.1: Mont Blanc
n.5 Matterhorn
n.9: Gran Paradiso
n.12: Eiger Bernese
n.15: Monte Rosa
n.18: Imperial Crown (Valais)
n.33: Grand Combin
n.35: Bernina


- ALP-Great Mountains necklace:
No .4: Gran Paradiso
n.10: Monte Rosa
n.22: Dauphiné-Ecrins
n.25: Mont Blanc 1
n.26: Mont Blanc 2

Club of 4000 of Macugnaga

Some members of our Club have asked us about the "Club of 4000 Macugnaga".
Here they are in summary:
- Is a club that brings together the climbers who have climbed one of the peaks of the eastern slopes of Monte Rosa to the upper 4000 meters, ie: Punta Dufour, the Nordend, Punta Zumstein and Gnifetti,
- Was established in 1960 from Novara Romeo Berti and currently has approximately 400 associated, among mountain climbers from all over Europe,
- Some of the 4000 CLUB members are also members of the Club of 4000 of Macugnaga,
- Annually this Club organizes a gathering of members in Trotters-Zappa refuge, the third Sunday of September,
- During the last meeting (September 2002) the Assembly has renewed the Governing Council has appointed the Chair Nino Mascaretti Milan.

For information on this club please contact the Office of Macugnaga or visit the website Guide


UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Associations)

This important body that, among other things, has made official the list of 4000 of the Alps, has the following address:

UIAA-Monbijoustrasse 61, 3007 CH-Bern, Switzerland

Tel: 0041.313701828 - Fax: 0041.313701838

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Club "Friends of the Matterhorn"

Mountaineers who have climbed the "Gran Becca" and that this love is considered, rightfully, the most beautiful mountain in the world, can join this club who has an office at the following address:

Secretariat of the "Club of the Matterhorn Friends", c / o Alpine Guides, via Carrel, 20-11021 Breuil Cervinia (Aosta)

tel: 0166.948169