Curiosity about 4000

Massimo Mila and 4000

Among the 4000 collectors it must also be counted this illustrious Turin musicologist who salts' walk and / or with 54 ski "four" (62 with repetitions), in addition to 350 "three thousand."
(Source: "Massimo Mila mountain climber and writer: a memory to ten years after his death," Roberto Aruga, on "scandere 1997-99", Yearbook of the CAI Torino, Turin Section, 1999).

Quotes about 4000

4000 of collection: "Here's proof that you can do great things for very petty reasons"

(Jacques Lagarde comments to the ultimate Karl Blodig, that in 1932, 73 years of age, went up by only the Aiguille du Jardin and the Great Rocheuse; quotation from "History of mountaineering" by Claire- Eliane Engel, Einaudi edition, Turin, 1965


- "A 4000 meters, the air has a special flavor."

(Gaston Rébuffat)


- "The there, en effet, d'une catégorie mountaineers pour une mountains here n'est digne d'etre visitée que si elle awaits ou DEPASSE the altitude fatidique de 4000 m ...."

(Armand Charlet: "Vocation Alpine", Editions Victor Attinger, Neuchatel, 1949, pag.167)


- "Witness to a good time technical and high alpine design, the collection of 4000 is one of the friendliest and most commendable collections."

(Pietro Falchetti: "The four of the Alps", Magazine of the CAI, Turin, June 1970 Bulletin and Geat, Torino, 1964)