Brief History of the Club

For more on the history of the Club is read the article by Luciano Ratto It is written in the twentieth anniversary of its foundation

1990, august: the ALP magazine Monograph to 4000, entitled "The 4000 of the Alps" which includes a long written by Luciano Ratto ( "Collecting 4000"), in which, Ratto and Franco Bianco (first convinced collector in 4000 Italy), launched the idea of ​​establishing a "Club of 4000 collectors", in order to identify which and how many such collectors, and propose a list of first reference of 87 waiting peaks of an official definition of 4000 of the Alps.
Curiously, until then, even though you knew that the collection of 4000 has always interested mountaineers, there were no certain and complete information about these collectors.
Was no exception Karl Blodig (1859-1956), famous Austrian mountaineer quoted in stories of mountaineering, which was said to have climbed all the peaks of 4000 meters, enough to be called "the king of 4000"; Research by Club 4000 pointed out that, in reality, Blodig has risen "only" 60.
Better than him was the British mountaineer Eustache Thomas (1869-1960), completely ignored by the stories of mountaineering, which, in just six years has risen 70. Of Blodig and Thomas the Club 4000 site gives news in other sections.
Another curiosity was the lack of a list of 4000 accepted by all: many climbers and mountain things scholars had proposed it, with total although little different from each other:
-Piero Falchetti, Gian Salvi, Franco Riva, Michel Vaucher, J.Chaubert: 88
-Helmut Dumler, Mario Vannuccini: 60
To these are added the aforementioned list of Rat and White with 87.
All these lists were the result of subjective evaluations. It made it so necessary to refer to the certification of an international body such as the UIAA

1992, in November: White Rat and ask Silvia Metzeltin, Italian representative at UIAA, to propose to this body the approval of an official list formulated by a committee of experts of the three countries, Italy, France, Switzerland. The development of this work is explained in detail under the heading "All 4000 of the Alps" of the Club 4000 site.
1993, 14 May: in Martigny, the fees of the three countries, after working separately for several months, gather and monitor lizard the official list of 82 4000 m peaks of the Alps.
1993, august: the UIAA tells the CAI, in the person of Gino Buscaini, head of the Italian commission, the official approval of the list agreed in Martigny.
1993 November: The Magazine comes out of the CAI (November-December '93) which includes an article by Luciano Ratto titled "All 4000 of the Alps", which shows the entire procedure followed by the official definition, together with the invitation to all of 4000 collectors to adhere to constituting "CLUB 4000", for the first time so defined; Franco Bianco secretary. The minimum threshold for admission is set at 50. This can therefore be considered the birth date of the Club.
1994 March: exits the UIAA Bulletin No. 145, 4 in languages, entitled "Four thousand of the Alps-the official UIAA list".
2000, in July: the Club 4000 opens a website.
2001 December: Club members reach the number of 50.
2002, in January: the site was completely revised and enriched with many headings: is dealing with Flavio Melindo, who becomes the main contributor to the Club.
On the occasion of this redesign of the site, also as a result of requests from many mountaineers, the minimum threshold for admission to the Club is lowered by at 50 30.
2003, march: Club members reach the number of 100.
Pier Mattiel, Alpine guide and one of the 4 "82", was named the "Consultant mountaineering Club" field.
2005, 12 April: Luciano Ratto proposes to Daniela Formica, President of the CAI Section of Turin and member of the Club 4000, 4000 enter the Club as a "group" in Turin Section.
2005, 31 May: Council of Chapter Favours.
2005, in June: the Club 4000 site is communicated to all members, from 2006, this club will join the Chamber as "Group Club 4000 of the Turin Section of the CAI."
2005, 25 October: first meeting at the Section for the drafting of the Group's regulations.
Club members reach the number of 150.
2005, 24 November: first meeting between members of the Turin Section for the official establishment of the Group and for the discussion of the Regulations.
2005, 21 December: approval of the definitive regulation by the Governing Council of the Section. Club members reach the number of 160.
2006, 26 May: First Annual Meeting for the appointment of the Board of the Group and to define the program of activities. 7 the following members were elected: Rat Luciano (Chairman), Paolo Stroppiana (Vice Chairman), Roberto Aruga, Francesco Bianco, Henry Pessiva, Pier Mattiel, Daniela Formica.
Members are 165 10 of different countries.
2006, 25 November: First Meeting of 4000 Social Club, with the participation of several members, whose number has reached 172 share. It is presented a questionnaire, based on which will be even more clearly defined action to take for the future.
2007, 14 September: Club members rose to 200, 11 represented with Nations.
2007, 24 November: 2 th Meeting (Assembly and Conference Dinner), with the patronage of the Mayor of Turin, the Group-Club 4000 CAI, at the Congress Center of the Monte dei Cappuccini.
Members are 216.
Flavio Melindo is acclaimed by the Group Honorary Member of the Group-Club 4000.
It is presented the result of 1 ° Photo Contest and the Calendar Club 2008 4000. the 1ª Photo exhibition is inaugurated.
2008, 19-20 July: 1ª Gita Social Club 4000; 20 participants, visited the Mont Blanc from the Refuge des Cosmiques. Gita interrupted the Mont Blanc du Tacul due to adverse weather conditions.