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Photographic evening at Valtournenche

Locandina Sciandra 24 08 ValtournencheThursday 24 August 2017 member Stefano Sciandra, on the occasion of the celebration of the ten year of his first 4000, will present at the Council Room of the Municipality of Valtournenche (AO) at 21, "My first 40 4000 ... The Dream Continues ". Free admission.

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(FM - August 5 2017)

Communicating to members

The Club4000 CD at the July 11 meeting took two important decisions:

  • 1) Calendar 2018: A special and celebratory version will be made dedicated to the last 25 years of our history, that is, from the foundation year of our club by Luciano Ratto and Franco Bianco.

All members who want to collaborate are required to send photos from 1993 forward. Digital or digitized images at maximum resolution, both in horizontal and vertical format. 31 2017 submission deadline. If you miss, you will use the photos of the old calendars or archives.


  • 2) Another novelty is the realization of a corporate video With videos shot and sent by all our members who want to collaborate. It's an invitation and this proposal will only materialize if it comes of the right material and enough to do a good job. " 31 2018 XNUMX submission deadline. 2018 Assembly Presentation.

Send us your photos for the 2018 Calendar!

2017 CoverIt's time to set up the traditional 2018 mountaineering calendar with photos of the members. Therefore invite all members to participate in the realization of the calendar by sending their best photos (maximum 5) taken in recent years 5.

The photographs must display the author's name, the name of the subject and possibly the shooting year (please do not leave the photo numerical code generated by the camera, because it creates confusion on the author's name). Free subject, photos taken on 4.000 of our Alps.
Photos should be at vertical orientation relationship with 4: 5, In JPG or TIF format at maximum resolution.

Important: To construct the images by setting the maximum resolution on camera and in post production with Photoshop if you can set to 300 DPI.
Maximum sending photos term: Monday August 15 2017.

The Club4000 wishes everyone a good season mountaineering and a profitable collection of images!

Tips: taken, tested and increase your camera's ability to capture spectacular and memorable images. Try to capture the moment. It is these that we're going to try ... follow the rule of thirds, cured the frame, always try to insert a human figure in motion, but not in the foreground and possibly not posing particular ... .this will give dynamism to the image and will make right proportions in the photographs of landscapes.

Technical Notes: The photographs you will have to send twice, once in the Forum small format (order to be able to show everyone) and a full size format to the email listed below.
To send photos shareholders must follow the following steps:

Read more: Send us your photos for the 2018 Calendar!

Photo night at Crissolo

Locandina Sciandra 15 7 17Saturday 15 July 2017 partner Stefano Sciandra, on the occasion of the decade of his first 4000, will present at Crissolo (CN), Rifugio Pian della Regina, to 20.45, "My first 40 4000 ... The Dream Continues." You can book dinner at the refuge by calling at no. 0175 94907. Click that to review the event poster.

(FM - June 2017)

Awarded Raffaele Morandini

Morandini 28 5 17Our partner Raffaele Morandini Not only collects peaks, but also honors! Last May 28 was awarded a Special Prize Mention Rosa Camuna 2017, An event that rewards the realities that have made great in Lombardy, in Italy and in the world, in the economic, social, cultural, sports and entrepreneurial fields. The mention, given by the President of the Lombardy Region Roberto Maroni, was motivated in particular for his merits in "... the dissemination of the psychophysical benefits of sports practice".

Congratulations to your friend Raffaele and wish you for the next prize!

(FM - June 2017)