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Welcome Andrey!

We welcome the new member Andrey Chizhov, Of Russian nationality (he currently lives in Switzerland), which comes in its own right in the Club having climbed all the 4000 82 "4000" of the Alps. With our new partner, to which are the compliments of the Club for completing the "collection" increase to twelve nations represented and twenty-eight members who have climbed all 4000.

(FM - August 28 2013)

Another friend has left us

The August 14 another serious incident occurred on our mountains: Carlo Ravetti e Luca Savoia They rushed on Lyskamm East, at the end of the climb to the saddle ridge, with fatal results for both.

Carlo Ravetti, Former chief of neurology at the hospital San Giovanni Bosco in Turin, had joined the Club in 4000 2011 having to his credit all 4000 of the Alps. It was a clever and cautious climber, interpreter of a classic mountaineering that led him sometimes to walk streets Remember, as well shines through its report on the climb to Parrot for the Way of the Italian 21 last July and interventions of opinions and debates on Forum. But the mountain is indifferent to the value of the people who love him.

Above all, Charles was a friend to rely on, as can testify everyone who got to know him and to make up with him, like skiing in the mountains.

His wife Laura and his sons, we can only express our personal condolences and the condolences of the entire Club 4000.

(FM - August 15 2013)

Still mourning Club 4000

Unfortunately we have to report another disaster that has struck a member of the Club 4000. Last August 10 Aldo Bergamini, Member of the Club, and his friend Roberto Carmagnola rushed in ascension to P.ta Dufour for Cresta Rey; the fall was fatal for both. Bergamini was a partner from the 2010 and Dufour would be his four 42º. As reported by the press, the incident would take into 4300 m altitude, for reasons difficult to determine.

To the family of his friend Aldo and his climbing partner are the most heartfelt condolences of all the soi Club 4000.

(FM - August 12 2013)

Dent d'Hérens 150 years later

The August 12 1863 F. Grawfurd Grove, WE Hall, RS MacDonald and M. Woodmass, with guides Melchior Anderegg, Peter Perren and JP Cachat, were making the first ascent of the Dent d'Hérens, a company which a few days earlier failed to E cordata . Whymper with JA Carrel.

To celebrate the 150 years after the historic climb, the 12 2013 August the British journalist Stephen Goodwin, representing the Alpine Club, he has climbed the Dent d'Hérens with mountain guide Claudio Rosset and President of Valpelline Maurice Gaillard Guide; a second rope It was composed ofDaniela Formica, President of the Club Four thousand, and by mountain guide Andrea Celesia.

The next 24 August alpinism in the Hall of Valpelline, to 18 hours,there will be a convention on the topic: "Dent d'Hérens 1863-2013: Four thousand of the Alps in the imagination, in mountaineering and alpine tourism". moderated by Henry Martinet, Journalist of "La Stampa", will take Daniela Formica (Club 4000) Pietro Giglio (Journalist and mountain guide) Marcella Morandini (Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention) and Luciano Ratto (Founder of the Club 4000).

Consult Here the poster event.

A second conference, on the theme "The mountain within reach of all: the proposals of professionals" It will be held at the same venue on August 31 2013 20.30 to.

(FM - August 13 2013)



Congratulations, Mara!

With full ascent dell'Arête du Diable, from Corne du Diable all'Isolée, our member Mara Babolin It reached the coveted milestone of 82 "4000", bringing to three the number of Italian who completed this unique "collection".

A Mara, who has appeared often in photographic reportage of Franz Rota Nodari, ranging compliments of Club 4000, with the hope to make many more beautiful ascents in the future.

(FM - 07 / 08 / 2013)