All 4000 by Alberto Cucatto

Sewn 4000 14 5 18The next 14 in May, at 21, at the CAI Uget headquarters (Parco del Tesoriera, Francia 192, Turin), the partner Alberto Cucatto will present the CAI Uget Ski and Mountaineering Schools and "A. Grosso "its climbs to all the 4000 of the Alps.

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FM - 27 April 2018


Photographic evening by Marino Chemello in Tregnago

2018 02 08 Chemello

Thursday 8 February 2018, in the Church of the Discipline in Tregnago (VR), the consocious Marino Chemello will hold an evening of projections on its climbs in the Alps, entitled: "4000 emotions ... climbs and trips on the Alpine peaks". The evening, organized by the CAI section of Tregnago, will start at 20.45.

Free admission. Click here to take mink from the poster.

(FM - January 27 2018)