Gross Grünhorn

29/09/2014 14:33 #1408 da Pierpaolo Finotto
It climbed 27 September with the imminent socio Marco Casotto. Mindful of the acts of Morandini we finally found the two great days in season now closed. The approach to Konkordiahütte, always preferable to staying near the second moraine in the middle of the glacier, not a problem, especially if you move to the right edge as soon as you glimpse the enormous red stamp in the shape of arrow pointing to the path of ascent to the refuge.
Ascent of the chaotic Gruneggfirn but simple, without any little man or signal; equally simple but entirely left to the intuition ascent on the next rocks, ledges and rubble, right up to the channel. Fresh snow but carrying the channel (which seems to me more inclined than 40 ° indicated in the reports) and on the slopes to the summit. Cresta del Grunegghorn in great condition and fun. From the hill between Grunegghorn and Gross Grünhorn we followed the track on snowy hillside, with final slopes quite wide but interspersed with broken rocks, emerging on the ridge only about thirty meters from the top.
gentle descent in the initial part, very long on the whole. Rather than cross the Konkordiaplatz, which literally seems a maze of crevasses, 467 should climb the metal stairs to the refuge and then descend from the path of ascent. Arrived "safely" for the last cable car of 21.30.
Weather finally exceptional on two days, rising and falling in total solitude. I think this depends both on the season (the shelter closed 28), both by the attitude of the vast majority of summer visitors to the pleasant Konkordiahütte drinking beer and "walk" on the glacier, rather than to climb peaks!

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29/09/2014 16:32 #1409 da Raffaele Morandini
Pierpaolo Bravo!
In this period is gorgeous ... loneliness and ice!
We were alone on the summit, we have not met a soul. The night before we were to Konkordiahütte in 7, but the others were there for the "walk" on the glacier.
I agree that it is almost easier to climb the endless steps leading to the shelter - you've counted one by one - and then down again on the glacier from the path.
Again congratulations to you both!


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